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Welcome To Sancti!

At Sancti we are dedicated to the development of your greatest potential. We provide the tools to help you relieve stress, expand your consciousness, and heal old issues. Are you burnt out and exhausted? Can't figure out how to muster the strength to enjoy yourself or your work anymore...Or maybe you are seeking the next level of your spiritual journey. We have many programs available to meet you exactly where you are at and provide the next step of your evolution. Get to know us, and we want to know about you. Tell us what about your struggles, your goals, and how you want to get to your there (we'll do most of the figuring out how, don't worry). And we can work together. Click here to contact us now.

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What Our Clients Say

“I cannot say enough to recommend John and Marcy as a Coaching Team! I trust them both with my Life and the healing and grounded input I have received from them continues to be a game changer that enhances my life daily. You are missing out!!!! Just sayin’…” -Heather McCrae, Canada, MM MEd
How wonderful it has been to work with a coach who is results-oriented, friendly, direct and incisive. Since John began working with me, life has been transforming with a quickness I never imagined. I have no words to describe how amazing I feel.
The work that John and I have done has been truly transformational on many levels. He has shown me what a truly amazing person I am, helping me to overcome a lifetime of low self-esteem, insecurity, and helped with the mending of a broken heart. My gratitude to John and those who work with John is infinite.