With work, home and all the directions we are often pulled in life, its sometimes easy to fly off and get overly upset about little things. Here are some tips to help you reduce stress, so you have more self control and awareness in your life.


1. Exercise or Dance
All forms of movement, release stale and stagnant energy and reduce stress

2. Meditate

This helps clear the mind and gain perspective. It also helps gain awareness and intelligence

3. Change your food

Move away from processed food and foods with high sugars. Nutrition is the key to a healthy body. Processed foods and sugars build up toxins in the body, which increases internal stress and weight. Also, drink lots of water. Reduces stress load of the body. It flushes out toxins, and hydrates.


4. Monitor your breathing 
reduce your breathing to about ten breathes a minute.

Slower, deeper breathes circulate oxygen to the lungs, which helps to release toxins within the lungs. This enhances vitality and regeneration and slows the aging process.


5. Play and Laugh
This increases your light and provides you with inspiration in life to resolve challenges.

6. Use essential oils
lavendar or jasmine

Essential oils trigger neuropathways in the brain which change your body chemistry. Lavender and jasmine promote inner peace and joy… And they smell good too. (The higher quality, the better the results)


7. Organize your space
clutter creates feelings of chaos

Order helps to enhance your flow in life.


8. Bring plants into your home or office
and take care of them.

Plants increase the amount of oxygen in your environment. Plus, the living vibration of the plant, helps to soothe and calm one’syour psyche. We are naturally more calm in a forest than we are in the city once we adapt to the environment. Succulents are great for people who are natural born plant killers (they still need water, but not much).


9. Get a fountain
The sound of running water is very soothing on a subconscious level. In addition, the movement of water helps you to move past your emotional issues.


10. Take a bath
Relax and nurture yourself. You deserve a break. For a deeper relaxation, add salts and essential oils to your bath.

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