Giving is essential to all creation. When you give, several things happen. Here are a few:

-You tell the forces of creation that you are caring and willing to help others.

-You create a space that can then be filled with something else- what you want.

-You are sharing your abundance in life, which is claiming you are abundant.

-You set forces in motion, which direct the energy of what you give back to you, but in greater amount, because others have benefited from your actions.

-You build better relationships.

-You build new relationships.

-YOU FEEL BETTER, because you are helping your brothers and sisters.

-You stop focusing on your troubles.

-You take control of your life, because you are not afraid to give.

Giving must be sincere and useful to the recipient. It cannot be used as a manipulation, this will only come back to harm you. Do not give because you have to or because you want something. Give because you understand its power and can do so because you care about those you give to. Do not give to your pain or loss this will only create negative feelings when you fail to get what you want as this is a manipulation of this principle of creation.

By the way, the easiest thing to give is a SMILE, it sends a ripple of joy into the world which flows healing and passion to all. VERY POWERFUL!

Giving is about energy the more positive energy you give the more positive energy you have in your life to attract and create what you want. Fear is the opposite vibration it is negative energy and the truth is ANY action base on a fear or doubt will lead to some form of conflict. So Give from the Heart and take action from your heart without fear and you walk down the road to GREAT discoveries and creation!

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