It takes great courage to forgive. For you must look at your own actions and how you have created this experience. It takes great wisdom to forgive. For in reviewing your actions, you must not judge them. The essence of forgiveness flows through compassion. Through the awareness that every experience brings us closer to God, and the realization that every moment in life will lead to another, and that this too shall pass. When we forgive, we allow that moment to pass. And in so, we step into the present, and only from this place may we define the life we choose to create. For if we fail to forgive, this will define our future. As well as the future of those we fail to forgive. For this is the nature of karma.

The nature of life is to live, to love, and to share all that you have, all that you are. But only through a pure heart, may the ripples of pain be soothed and the waters of life flow.

How to Forgive

To forgive yourself is to love yourself, to have appreciation for the qualities that you are. Look to your nature. Look to your actions that have brought joy to yourself and others. If the pain of sorrow is too great, the exercise of writing and burning will help with release. But one must come back to the light and write again about gratitude and appreciation of one’s nature. Look to your own reflection, with your list of gratitude and see the depths of them in your soul, through your eyes.

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