Thoughts are Forms
According to Hermes, every thought that you have corresponds to an image.

Every idea creates a series of images, formed from your consciousness. Nebulous as they may be, your thoughts are still form. The more you believe in your thoughts, the stronger and more tangible are the forms. These thought forms gather strength and power with emotional convictions. The more passionate you are about your beliefs and thoughts, the more energy they have to attract things to you in life.

The Law of Attraction works 100% of the time. The problem is you’re not always creating what you truly desire because you lapse into negative thoughts and feelings from your past human experience, your daily life. 

Overcoming Negative Attraction

It is by overcoming the negative influences of your thoughts that you can have positive control of the things that you attract in life. Indeed it is essential.


15 Minute Rule– Whatever negative experience you are having, enjoy it, express it fully, experience it to its depth if need be, BUT focus on something positive WITHIN 15 MINUTES. Here is the deal, whatever you resist will persist. The worst thing you can is try to avoid or subdue your negative thoughts, the second worst thing you can is to embrace them for a prolonged period of time. By giving yourself 15 minutes to deal with a negative experience, you are allowing your body to process chemically the negative experience, and your body will deplete these negative hormones. If you go beyond 20 minutes, your body will start to create new hormones to support the negative condition, and will reinforce it for future experience in your life. If you really want to live this rule in your life, give yourself at least one hour of positive/creative experience after a negative experience. This will reinforce the biochemistry for creativity and joy, which will in essence give you strength to overcome your negative cycle next time. The more you practice this, the faster the fifteen minutes will become ten, and then five. Until you are in control of your negative emotions.

Healing techniques are also very effective at removing negativity. Email us for info!
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