We’ve entered a new year. In fact, we’re already 10 days into it. Have you felt the changes already? Have you felt the shift in your life?

It’s an interesting thing, the new year. Every year brings a change. 2011 was a year which helped to bring together all the plans and actions of the previous 3 years, helping you to reach a plateau, because it was a 4 year, and 4 is about restoring balance in your life, utilizing the energies of the previous 3 years. There’s another note to 2011. The 2 goes through the zero to create 11 or 1, 1. While for many people this is a four year, because of the 2 becoming 11, it puts in place the energy of personal mastery. So you may have been heavily motivated to work on your own personal growth and that which makes you feel better about yourself.

2012 is a totally different year. It brings in the fifth element. Where 2011 brought balance to the four elements of earth, water, air, fire, 2012 brings in the element of spirit. For many people this will be a year where they redirect their lives more in alignment with their spiritual purpose. For those that have difficulty aligning with their spiritual purpose, they may feel pressure, exposing where they need greater growth. Thus, 2012 can be a year of great success and triumph or one of great difficulty and ruin. All simply based on your willingness to follow your higher purpose. Simply put, do what you know is good for yourself and for everyone else.

This is also the year of the great prophecies. The end of great cycles. And as with all cycles, when we reach the conclusion, we must reap what we sow. So, this will also be a year to finish off karmic cycles of the past. Globally this could be very challenging for this year. The more of us who listen to our Higher Selves, the easier we make it for everyone else. Whatever your spiritual tradition or religious beliefs, one thing is sure, we are all in this together. The more of us who simply let go of our pain and suffering and embrace our strengths and joy, the easier it will be for everyone else in the world.

At the core of your spirit is the Light of Life. This light brings forth, not only joy, but also inspiration. Oh yes, and authority. The authority to do good. So I encourage each and every one of us to laugh every day, share a smile, and embrace the strength and freedom that comes when we do so.

On a side note, 2013 is around the corner. The energy of that year will be when we are compelled to overcome our shadows and fears and truly embrace hope and love.

By John Evans

Image by Kittisak

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