John Evans

John was raised in a family deep in spiritual tradition and balanced in the Eastern and Western philosophies, with a Reverand as a father and his mother being a Japanese Buddhist Shaman.


His own deep thirst for knowledge, helped him to develop a strong grasp of esoteric teachings and pinpoint accuracy for applying them to people’s lives. His gentle and compassionate approach helps people acknowledge and accept where they get in their own way, as John goes straight to the core of issues and moves clients past them and into their own strengths.


John’s training in martial arts, healing traditions, and extensive experience with esoteric teachings enables him to help others grasp their personal power and utilize it to not only become an unstoppable force in their own lives but also to create deep healing and a passion for life. Empowered and joyful, they step out of the passenger seat and become the creators of their dreams.


John has a natural ability of identifying a person’s obstacles, and gently and strongly working with them to move through challenges. Clients quickly become more confident and happy and begin achieving their goals.




Marcy Johnson

Hi!  In working with Sancti, you will likely hear from me a lot as well. I take care of the business end of things and making sure we reach people. John does the writing, training and coaching, and I do the technical stuff, the outreach, communication, and planning what to do next. I create our programs, and sometimes, I hop in and teach a little too.  I am John’s romantic partner and business partner. We share a passion for spirituality and helping others. I love to talk with new people, and think even the deep, seemingly “stuffy” parts of spirituality are an absolute blast.



Through coaching, healing, meditation, or training, Sancti will help you reach your next level.

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Featured In Media

Mysteries of Angels and Demons Documentary, 2009 John is featured in this documentary which examined the relationship of Angels, Demons, and unseen forces in the world.

L.A. Stories Featuring John Evans Video Series, 2009 L.A. Stories is a webisode created to show the world the talented, the inspiring, the intrigue of LA. This webisode features John Evans and his work as a spiritual leader in the LA community.




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