The elements make up everything on the planet, including us. Our emotions and state of being are also of an element.

Shamanically speaking, all illness, discomfort, pain and suffering comes from an imbalance in the four elements. 

Therefore, every single problem there is can be addressed if you understand the energetic nature, or element of the problem. And similarly, any state you wish to experience can be enhanced with an element. 


Here is a simple list of the elements and how they can enhance your emotions. 



Bring in fire for more joy, spontaneity, inspiration, and passion

To get fire: 

  • Go play in the sun; you can even get a fake tan. 
  • Eat spicy foods; not to excess. 
  • Avoid watery foods, such as salads and white vegetables. 
  • Wear red or orange clothes
  • Light candles


Symptom of too much fire energy: anxiety

If you have too much fire, counter it with water.




Bring in air for more creativity, visualization, greater depth of understanding and knowledge

To get air:

  • Stand in the wind or turn on a fan (anything that moves air) 
  • Open the windows, 
  • Call a friend and have a good conversation
  • Burn incense
  • Take the question you are blocked on. Write the question on a piece of paper and then relax and talk to a friend about other things. Go back to the paper afterwards 
  • Do breathing exercises
  • Eat fruit
  • Avoid heavy proteins, such as red meat. 
  • Wear yellow or white clothes 


Symptoms of too much air: confusion, spaciness

If you have too much air, counter it with earth.




Bring in more water for emotional stability, greater flow, order and structure to your life. And to feel nurtured, accepted and worthy


To get water:

  • Go swimming or take a bath or long shower
  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat sea food, sea vegetables, or white vegetables like cucumbers or melons. 
  • Share with a loved one your deep feelings about subjects you would not normally discuss. About trust. -If the air is dry, use a humidifier
  • Wear green and blue clothing


Symptoms of excessive water: emotional sensitivity, depression

If you have too much water, counter it with fire.




Bring in earth for appropriate action, inner peace and contentment, confidence, feeling grounded


To get earth: 

  • Walk with bare feet in the sand or ground
  • Garden
  • Sit on earth and meditate, slow down. 
  • Eat heavy proteins as well as root vegetables. 
  • Stand and imagine roots going from your feet into the earth
  • Hold a rock
  • Wear brown or black earthy clothes 


Symptoms of too much earth: stagnation 

If you have too much earth, counter it with air.



For all, avoid alcohol and drugs. Try to eat healthy meals and get sleep. Take care of yourself.  

To help balance your environment, you can also use these energy cleansing techniques.


Have you ever tried any of these techniques? Share with us in the comments below how it went. Which ones do you think you will try?




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