Feng Shui Q & A: Advice On Feng Shui In The Bathroom

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A reader asked the question: “Can you give me a little advice on how to feng shui bathrooms?’


My answer:

Bathrooms are tricky to feng shui because they are filled with draining water energy, plumbing and the like. When drains are not balanced well, it can affect your overall prosperity!   Bathrooms are also often filled with untold numbers of chemicals from everywhere known to mankind- your bar of soap, shampoo and toilet cleaner could have as many chemicals in them as a bottle of Windex.  That said, its an artform to get bathrooms energetically right, but here are a few basics to start:


always keep the toliet seat down. just do it.  while you are at it, keep the toilet clean.

perfect your plumbing.  even a little drip is wayyyy bad news!

get spa-quality plush towels that are organic (want to wrap yourself in pesticides while you are wet and the environment is steamy? i didn’t think so!)

install a shower/water filter to purify your shower water a bit.  unless you enjoy a shower in chlorine and radon to start the day, invest in a filter!

ditch your plastic shower curtain. they create a world of toxins that you breathe in as you shower!

chemical-free bath/beauty products should replace (gradually if need be) your chemical-filled ones.


This is a good bathroom feng shui start!

 See this article on Dana’s blog


Guest Author  Dana Claudat

Dana Claudat is a Pyramid School Feng Shui consultant, writer, and founder of the feng shui blog The Tao Of Dana. A Stanford-educated Art Historian based in Hollywood, she does very personalized feng shui consultations with thriving clients spread around the globe. Dana’s mission is to help everyone in the world become more positively in control of their environment and, thus, their lives. Follow Dana on her website, The Tao of Dana, and on PinterestFacebook and Twitter @thetaoofdana


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One Comment

  1. Intuition will allow accessing the information normally not
    offered to our senses. Think of it as a still voice, a hint or a gut feeling – right after it starts taking place you will know it’s no chance.!
    Dowsing is a technique one can use to gain access to the intuition using dowsing pendulum and also divining rod.
    I’ve been doing it for a number of years and I believe any person can easily learn it.

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