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In feudal Japan, in the aristocratic society, the highest rank next to the Showgun and Emperor was known as the Daimyo. The world saw them as leaders of great Samurai houses or clans, but Daimyo has a specific meaning. And this tradition is universal and perhaps somewhat lost. I’d like to share a little information on this so you can apply it in your own life.


The literal translation for Daimyo is “great name.” This speaks not only to an individual, though it is often refered to an individual, but also to a family or ancestry that was dedicated to accomplishing great things. The greater their accomplishments, the greater their reputations grew.


So what does this have to do with you?


When you were young, a child, before you knew the complications of this world, in your imagination, did you imagine yourself as a great person, accomplishing great deeds? I did. And many people I have spoken with have said so as well. When you are young, you are fully tapped into all of your abilities and potentials, because you have not blocked them with your fears and doubts, and unfortunately the fears and doubts of others.


Those dreams and beliefs still exist, and the potential for greatness is alive in every one of us. Every one of us aspires to do something better. No matter how much life beats you down, you still want your life to be better. No matter how great your life is, you still want it to be better. So this well spring of greatness flows continuously in all of us. The key to a great name, is great deeds. It is thinking big, believing big, and finding a way to fulfill your desires. The biggest part of this, and probably the most difficult, is to live by your word.


When I say live by your word, I mean fulfill your promises and your dreams you have made to yourself, and do not deny to yourself the things you deserve in your life. This world is ready, in fact it is crying out for great changes. The mass consciousness screams for it continuously.


The greater your reputation for integrity and fulfilling your commmitments, the easier it is to hold onto the wellspring of creation. Denying yourself the good things in life weakens your spiritual container. This spiritual container holds the energies of life and creation. The stronger your container, the stronger your personal will, the will to do good in your life, and the more joy and passion you have to live your dreams. The will to do good and joy in life, support each other to create a spiritual home/container that is so powerful that even on your darkest days, you will find some joy and happiness.


Then you will be the dooer of great deeds. The one who is known for not only great accomplishments, but great acts of kindness and goodwill. A true Daimyo.



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