Chart and Analysis

Astrological Birth Chart Analysis
Understand your true nature

This report tells you the location of the sun, moon, and each planet in the solar system at the time of your birth, and describes the influence of these forces in your life and who you are.

This is not only fascinating to learn about, but also helps you to:


  • Stop repeating the same mistakes and patterns and discover your greatest strengths to achieve your dreams.

  • Understand your relationships more clearly, and interact more powerfully and harmoniously.

  • Heal your old pains and struggles to find greater peace.

  • Awaken dormant gifts and power that otherwise takes a lifetime to reveal. Live your potential now.

  • Let go of subconscious judgements about yourself, by seeing the underlying cause of what you do and who you are.

  • Love yourself more deeply by gaining real insight into your behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and knowing the truth of yourself.[/box]

To order a birth chart report, you will need to know:
Your birth date, time, and location

The analysis will be mailed to you in a full report. $5 shipping

 $50 for chart and analysis