How to ChantBreath…so important to life. Whether spiritual or physical.


It’s basic function is to provide life and cleanse the body, mind and soul. In with the good, out with the bad.


Breath also provides you with the ability to chant. You are able to make sounds with breath because of your voice box, or larynx. By passing air through your vocal folds you make sounds. The voice is an amazing structure. It is also extremely fragile. It can be easily injured or damaged. The vocal folds stand against the air pressure that you push from your lungs, which can be significant. That pressure is the reason the voice can be harmed. So you should take it easy on that delicate vocal mechanism while chanting.



Chanting is about peace and harmony. You can chant simply in several ways.
Use Your Natural Voice

One way is to be as loud as your natural speaking voice while chanting. The universe is around you when you chant. It hears you easily. You can make the sound you need by gently releasing air and keeping the volume dial on your voice turned down low.


This way of breathing is easier, because you are using less air to make sound. When I was taught to chant and meditate many years ago, I was told to keep my ribcage gently expanded. Then inhale, filling my lungs from the bottom up, and exhale from the top down. Just like filling and emptying a pitcher. I had just been taught diaphragmatic breathing.

 Relax Your Shoulders

Another important factor is to keep your shoulders hanging loosely. If your shoulders are rising and falling while you breath you are creating tension in your body and voice. That could be a major reason you’re not satisfied with your chanting. Keep everything relaxed while inhaling and exhaling.

 Drop Your Jaw

If you wish for more volume because the person sitting next to you is loud…simply drop your jaw to open your mouth and open your throat, leaving your tongue flat on the bottom of your mouth. More volume is achieved instantly.


If you follow these simple techniques, you will find that you have a more relaxed body, mind ,and chant; which will in turn give you improved chanting and meditation times.


Nancy BadgerGuest Author Nancy Badger

Nancy Badger is a nationally known voice teacher, voice coach, and experienced stage performer. She also has written and co-authored internet articles on the voice and music industry. Nancy studied with Ron Anderson almost 10 years and uses the same vocal method that he uses on celebrity voices to bring out the unique qualities in any singer’s voice. It is a timeless and world renowned vocal technique, Bel Canto. A technique that suits all genres and voices. Her website is She can also be followed on Twitter for free vocal tips.



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