Something we often take for granted, that we do every single day (sometimes all day long even 😉 ) is breathe. 

The reality is most of us are on autopilot when it comes to breath. We are not really aware of its influences until we have to hold it, or someone passes gas. On a more serious note, though, most people just breathe without awareness of the power that the breath wields. Biologically speaking, the heart is the pump for the blood and the lungs are the pump not only for the oxygen that the body needs, and the secondary internal fluids such as the lymphatic system (which is used to remove toxins from your skin and muscles), but lungs also pump life force energy.


This is something that has been known for centuries, to mystics and martial artists alike. And different breaths often create different states of consciousness and awareness. Breathing through the right nostril primarily enhances intelligence or left brain activity. Breathing the right nostril enhances creativity and insight. Short shallow breathes support fatigue and stress, whereas long deep breathes promote longevity and health.


Breathing Cycles

Specific breathing cycles greatly enhance your own internal energy, and the release of internal stress and toxins. The reason I share this with you is that, because most people are on autopilot, they are breathing just to exist. Typically the average person breathes 15 to 20 breaths a minute, which can only be done by extremely shallow breathing. This creates a superficial vibration of the body. The lack of depth in the breath, minimizes the ability for you to still your mind and to reach deeper into your core. Long slow breathes can quiet the mind, eliminating clutter and enhance your inspiration, ingenuity, and sense of well being. I believe you have to breathe to LIVE in order to fully embrace life. Breathe not only to exist, but to LIVE.


Learning how to control your breath is an essential step in being in control of your own life. The benefits besides longevity and greater health, are also increased spiritual guidance, more keen awareness of your purpose, greater connection to nature, and a much a calmer and caring disposition.


Here is a breathing exercise to increase your internal vitality.

It is ideal to practice breathing exercises at least once a day.


To do this everyday, add this page to your bookmarks for easy access.


For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth.  -Sanskrit Proverb

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