“Movement is passion…Action and passion are identical” Hermes
The true source of all creation is our passion to move forward in life. God created all things from this source. We create life from this source, be it physical passion or spiritual passion, all action flows from this source. In these difficult times, it is easy to get caught up in the struggles of life. The solution is to focus on your joys and passion. What are you grateful for? What makes you want to laugh and sing and dance. Hold on to these feelings as you engage in the creative process of your future. Cultivate passion until a burning desire for life and all of its rewards flow through your very veins. And from this all action will be inspired.


If the focus of the activity is to do good, to bring light and hope to others, then your creation will benefit those around you. And by this virtue of the source being love and light, do you spread light unto the world. This light in turn, must complete its cycle and come back to you, for all energy travels in a circle. The law of karma, or as Hermes calls it, fate. The greater your passion and joy in your activity, the greater the results and the faster the transition into creation and return. This passion is the first world of creation; it is the divine spark that compels us to fulfill our true purpose in life and aligns us with the true flow of love and abundance.

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