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Today a great feng shui question was in my email-


” I recently started following your blog on Tumblr. I read one of your posts which happened to be a critic of someone’s bedroom and you wrote something about an elemental profile. Is this related to our astrological sign? How are the Five Elements related to Feng Shui or home decorating? I’m just curious because I’d like to be able to decorate my apartment in a way that helps feel good.


My Answer:


Ah! Yes! The Five Elements in feng shui are Wood, Water, Earth, Metal and Fire.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine and philosophy, these five components comprise everything in life that there is(from objects to food to animals to people), and all five of these elements must stay in balance to have a harmonious life. Each element has specific traits attached to it—– for instance, wood is the element of growth and flexibility, and adding wood to a room can increase your energy, prosperity and creative flexibility. However, too much wood can be stifling, make you feel stiff physically and mentally rigid and stuck. You don’t want to have too much or too little of any one element in your life for a long period of time. Imbalances in elements often are expressed physically, mentally and emotionally in your life…and your home will probably feel bad to you. While I don’t make any claims to be a doctor or a magician, I do know that balancing elements for my clients has opened up their lives significantly. (or so they say…!)


So, to apply this to your house on a basic level, decorate with a good mix of materials- wood, metal, some glass, some texture- and feel out what you need. You always know when you have too much of one thing. Try to add a mix of many materials so you have a better spectrum of elemental richness.


For instance: If you have too much wood in a room, add some metal or splashes of red and pink or orange for a bit of fire to “burn” some of the wood . If you feel there is too much earth tone happening, a bit of pure white, grey or additional metal may be the answer for you. I know I am not being specifically helpful with these ideas, but this is because the study of elements is vast. It took me years to understand the elements fluidly as they relate to your body, life and home. But if you tune into your environment and read the critiques I do of spaces where I talk about elements (I do them on Tumblr often!), you will have some of the basic tools to make your house shine!!!


Good luck & thank you!!! If you need more help, I’m here! xoxo Dana


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Feng shui five elementsGuest Author Dana Claudat

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