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Results People are Getting

“HOORAY ME!!!! I just meditated!!!! And enjoyed it, too! (that’s a pretty big deal for me – the utterance of the word alone gives me that just licked a lemon face.) Thank you John Evans! For a very awesome meditation experience… They really are like beautiful, incredible vacations for the mind, body and soul.” -H.L.


“I am truly enjoying the series! It’s the easiest time I have had trying to meditate.” -J.B.


“Your guided meditations are phenomenal! Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful service! I especially enjoyed ‘PEACE.’ Not just WOW, but WHHHOOW! When stress enters my day, I just think back to your words, and I recall that peaceful feeling, and I am immediately calmed and able to deal with any challenge put before me. 1000 times thank you!” -R.F.[/box]

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