Imagine if you could see yourself in the best light possible. If you could identify all of your beautiful qualities, and then…bring them out even more in your life. How can you do this?


My spiritual background isn’t in religion. I have shied away from that. I have trained extensively, though, in the deeper, esoteric teachings of spirituality. The teachings that underscore the basic themes of most religions (without dogma) and whose main purpose is to help you become more empowered.

With that in mind, here is something that I would like to share, that all of us know at the core of our beings, but sometimes, just need to hear it.


The Beginning

In the beginning, God created all things, and then he created us. And he created us in his image. This isn’t just a Christian or Jewish teaching, but a teaching in many spiritual traditions.

Now if you are a literalist, you are going to be believe that God created man and therefore, God is a man. But if you are open to some of the deeper esoteric teachings, you learn that man does not mean “dude with penis.”



Another translation of the aramaic word for man, is consciousness. So, when God created man in his image, what he really did was to help us to think as he (or they) think. To always be persevering, to aspire for greatness and immortality, to be caring and compassionate, and to be courageous.   The more you can aspire to understand this nature, the more you understand who you are. The more you understand the nature of God.

What would your life be like if you had the consciousness and the attitude of God? How would you face your challenges? How would you face your frustrations?


Would challenges be difficult and overwhelming?
Or would they be simply an opportunity to exercise your skills and talents?


Perhaps this is too obvious to all of us and the real question isn’t “do I want to think like God,” but is “how do I think like God?”   While the vastness of this subject is too large to cover in a simple blog article, lets start simply.


A Step Closer 

Think of one word that describes the nature of God and how God truly sees you. Infinite…beautiful…powerful…truthful…a word that truly resonates with you.

And write that word down in the following sentence:

“I am an expression of __________”

Read this several times a day. Take notice of how this word is reflected in your attitude and actions and also in the attitude and actions of others. Its best if this process is done for a month.  Each day, read this same sentence and notice this expression in your life. 

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