You know you need a break when… When you go shopping, and you leave the groceries in the car.

When you put the right sock on the left foot…

When you show up to work and someone tells you your shirt is on backwards and inside out.

When you get lost on your way home.

When you can’t remember what you ordered at the restaurant.

When you start calling your family members by the wrong name.

When your dreams are more about work than fun.

When you don’t realize you’re thinking out loud.

When the kids homework is too difficult to figure out.

When your forehead bares imprint of your watch.

When you show up at a party and 2 other people are wearing the same top.

When you show up for “Wicked” the day after the show.

When you can’t remember where you parked your car.

Remember to give yourself a break. Be kind to yourself. This world has become very fast, even stressful, with internal pressures, that most of us don’t even begin to comprehend. Spiritual energies are higher than ever before, pushing us to make choices, to choose the light or to be aware of where we don’t. It is getting harder and harder to deny where we need to grow.

But in this life, it is easy to focus on what’s not working, or what’s wrong. And this life is not about what’s wrong. Its about the great things we are here to create. And we only create from our strength, intuition, and inspiration.

We all have a genius. We all have a greatness. May yours shine!

Love and Hugs,

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