Of giving and receiving, I think I enjoy receiving most, don’t you? It is awesome to receive the gifts of others. I love receiving gifts, because there are so many cool things in this world. Plus when I open gifts, I get a little excited . Giving is pretty cool too, because it also means “I appreciate you,” or “I care about you.”

But, did you know (I’m sure you did), that it is only by giving and receiving that everything in the world is created. Creation is a two part process. You must give your ideas, your joy and your energy. If you have employees, you must give money, and if you care about productivity and loyalty, you must also give appreciation in exchange for work and services. Friendships and partners, require sharing and connecting on a far more personal and deeper level.

Giving and receiving is not just about material things, but expressing your own true nature without fear. The most powerful gift you can exchange is joy; it connects us to love and has the power to overcome and redefine all things. In essence, the building block of all creation.

The nature of giving is to say to the Universe, “I can.” It is an expression of your confidence and compassion. Consequently, the nature of receiving, is to say to the universe, “I believe you can.” When you receive from others, you are honoring their flow, their prosperity, their divine potential for creation.

The concept that it is “better to give than receive” is a principle of selflessness, humility and compassion. However, from this act you are setting forces in motion as a consequence of your actions.

While giving is divine, so too is Receiving divine. It is often easier for spiritual/kind people to give and difficult to receive. Giving initiates the flow of creation but it is only by receiving that creation can be formed. Receiving is accepting and this must be in totality, meaning without judgment or expectations. Receiving completes the balance of flow and allows energy to return to the source.

As you give to others it sets energy in motion to return back to you, which is amplified by the quality of your giving. The purer the act i.e… no manipulation or acts of fear, then the greater the return. However, if you do not accept the gifts of others, if you cannot receive with an open and appreciative nature, that energy that you created by your giving goes to someone else!

When you receive, be it light and joy from God, or gifts and appreciation from others, it reaffirms to you that you have value, that you are worthy. This is perhaps the most important aspect of creating, because you can only create and maintain what you accept you are worthy of having.

The gift of receiving has the greatest impact when it is done in the true spirit of Love and appreciation, and will create miracles beyond measure.

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