“You’re About To Discover Life Changing Secrets Previously Available To Only A Small, Select Group Of People Who Want To Take Their Lives To The Next Level…”

During this group coaching I want to help you…

  • Build such a strong foundation, you can launch in whatever direction you choose and have what you need to accomplish your goal
  • Discover the hidden blocks holding you back, and heal those emotional wounds and psychological roadblocks, so you move forward unimpeded
  • Connect and create relationships that will support your vision and help you create your dreams
  • Create and maintain the power and the confidence you need in order to achieve. So you are your own biggest fan, and build what you want faster and more easily than ever


 “I’d like to help in an incredibly affordable way…”

Recently, I’ve asked some potential clients what is a rate they could afford, and many said about $100 per month. So, the reason I wanted to offer group coaching is for people who feel most comfortable at this rate.

And this program includes…

  • Training: Each month, we will cover a different topic, going deeper and deeper. Some months we will cover behind the scenes, personal development and building skills, to harness your own inner strength. Some will help you begin to create your vision, and learn tools for making new things happen. Every month we will help you build up your internal reservoir, while working on the things you need TO DO, the actual practical steps for creating. Each session is valued at $200 to $300 per meeting, with 4 meetings per month.
  • Internal Healing: In life, its often the things we don’t see, stuff way inside that creates the problems we keep repeating. In coaching, we will go over ways to uncover these challenges, and we will regularly work on eliminating them together.
  • Group Coaching: In order to be able to offer personal attention, I will try to keep the size of this group small. So, each week you can ask me questions during the call. I may not be able to personally talk to each person every week, but you will learn a lot from the questions asked and all of the coaching we do during the time. Each call will last between 60 to 90 minutes, and happen every week, so you will get individual attention throughout the process.
  • Support and Collaboration: You’ll be able to interact and learn from the group dynamic. Ask questions, and get clarity on the coaching. Plus, there will be some email support for questions between calls. I can’ t always answer every question, but the ones that need addressed, can be covered during calls.


The whole process is fun, engaging, supportive, and transformational. 

…All this for $97/month.

Plus, if you join right now, you’ll also receive this bonus:

Free access to my weekly meditations. Each Thursday night, I hold a meditation that is broadcast online. Meditations help you heal, transform yourself, and bring inner peace and strength to your path.   Value: $65 per month

You don’t have to make a long term commitment.

Coaching is on a monthly basis. You will benefit the most by staying on for the whole 6 months, but you can stop at any time.


“Every session is like a gold mine.” Y.Y.H, Los Angeles


I want to keep the group small enough to ensure group participation,

so I recommend signing up right away…