In Buddhism, there is a practice of paying respect to one’s dead relatives, honoring the dead. There is a common practice of communicating with the deceased and one’s relatives (very different than what we know as mediums).

I know this sounds odd, but the reason I know this is because it is my mother’s profession. She is known as an Uta or Shaman, and her service to her clients is to go as a psychic and healer, connecting to the dead relatives of family members. This is usually necessary if there is struggle in the family, illness, or financial trouble. But sometimes it is also for a blessing, such as a wedding, getting into a prestigious university, etc.

To the west this may seem like superstition or even folly. But throughout the world, there have been many cultures that have been taught to remember and honor their ancestry. From my own personal experiences, life does not end when we die. People continue with the same beliefs, hopes, fears, and joys as when they were alive. While the physical pain and struggle of life has ended and they are in the presence of higher beings, making them feel much greater joy, they continue to learn, grow and evolve as they did in life. They still have issues that need resolved.

For our relatives that have passed on, the physical experience is greatly diminished, though they still have relationships in the spiritual dimensions. Here’s the cool thing, everything is energy. We can still connect and support our relatives who may have had struggle in life. Whatever pains they suffered emotionally and psychologically, that may have been passed on through their bloodline, can still be healed in them. And in healing that, it will help to heal the bloodline.

In short, the happier your relatives are, living and dead, the more energy flows in your bloodline and in all members connected to that DNA. This is what the Buddhists understand.



How does this help you?

Praying for the health, wellbeing, and happiness of all of your relatives, living and dead (especially those that you have connection with in your life), can greatly enhance the Light that flows in your DNA. Not just because you are wishing them well, but because your thoughts are also focused on wellness and happiness. This increased light enhances your power, strength, and confidence, which results in awakening dormant energy and gifts that you may utilize more effectively in life.



What can you do?

I believe one of the most powerful things you can do is simply create a small altar and light a candle. Take several moments to remember the fond times with your relatives (both living and past). Reconnect with love and appreciation. Nothing is more powerful and unifying than this. And through that reconnection, the energy that is sent forth creates healing and support to all parties, including you.

I know this may sound confusing, I am not recommending that you call on the dead for help. They have their own experiences they are going through now. What I am saying is that by sending them love and appreciation, you help them with their experiences. In this process, as they heal, it heals the DNA in the bloodline. By helping them, the family is healed more and more.

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