While the subject of prosperity and the tools necessary are many, a few tools are foundational. For example, being bold and taking immediate action on your desires. Indeed it is better to take quick action and make a mistake, than to take no action at all, for that guarantees failure. Positive mental attitude and good self imagesustains mental health, which overrides fatigue and burnout, while it also opens doorways of opportunities. And probably a more subtle foundational piece, which is often disregarded, is organization and cleanliness.


Everything is energy. This is fairly common knowledge at this point. And everything is a reflection of everything else. Clutter, disorganization in your environment, is a reflection of the clutter and internal resistance to your natural flow. While physical abundance comes from interactions with other people, the energy of prosperity is a river which flows through the layers of our consciousness, which defines our actions. This, in turn, impacts how we interact with others.


A disorganized and chaotic environment is a symptom of internal blockage to your flow. And this has been taught by many, especially in the field of feng shui. But from an esoteric point of view, it is not enough to just clean and organize your space, you must clean and organize your own internal energy.
This can be done with meditation, proper eating, breathing, and taking days for play and joy. As we do our own internal spiritual work, we clear up our attachments and our frustrations, letting go of these distractions, and freeing us to create, according to our joys and passion, our true strength.


In addition, I offer another piece of information. It is important to energetically clean  your space. And so I present several methods that are highly effective. Cleaning and organizing your home and cleaning the energy of your space, will help to relieve pressure that will allow you to flow more effectively and consistently in life, while you are doing your internal work.



How to Clear Negative Energies from Your Space

1.  Sage: Sage, starting in the center of the room and spiral outwards towards the walls in a clockwise pattern. End at the entrance, so that all the negative energy is pushed out the entrance. Use a personal prayer as you sage.


2.  Sea Salt:  Use 1 cup of sea salt (Epson salt is an okay substitute).  Place in a bowl that can withstand very high heat. (Using a layer of aluminum foil, lining the bowl will make for quick and easy cleanup.) Pour Isopropyl Alcohol over salt until salt is completely covered, then set afire. You can use any alcohol that will burn, that does NOT have a scent such as Everclear and vodka.  You can usually get only 1-2 uses from salt in this method. If salt becomes burned, throw it away!!!  This is very quick and effective cleaning.


3.  Boil Sea Salt:  A slower but more thorough clean can be done after either of the other two is done, or just for maintenance. Use Sea Salt, several cups (2-4) (no substitute) in a pan on stove covered with plenty of water, bring the water to a boil.  Then reduce heat and allow it to simmer.  Continue to add water as necessary in order to prevent the salt from burning. Allow salt to cook for 4-5 hours to completely clean space/home. The longer it cooks, the better the clean. (As long as the salt is NOT burned it can be reused again and again.)


4. Holy Water:  The most powerful method is to use holy water and spray in the same manner as with the sage.  It is very important to spray clockwise and a say prayer while using holy water. For holy water, please contact us.


(use caution when burning)

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