Luck(must be read with an Irish accent)

There is no such thing as simply lucky. Luck is an attitude and a state of consciousness. It always allows you to be in the right place at the right time, and to be recognized by others as having the right qualities to fulfill their needs.


So, if you want to have luck, you must learn to play.


And I don’t mean by having Irish whisking and shooting darts. I do mean, laugh. Laugh with your belly, not with your throat and mind. Laugh with your heart and smile with your eyes. You may think this is silly, but the more that you laugh and the more that you play, the more natural joy and energy that your body has.


And as you move this joy and energy, it moves through your body and aura, and radiates, not only in your eyes and skin, but actually vibrates the air around you, which others notice subconsciously. They will simply want to be around you.


      Now here is the secret, the truth to be told…It is the secret to the Leprechaun’s gold.
     While all of the above is true to the Light, it lacks the power if you don’t have sight.
     So hold in your thoughts and see clearly in your mind, that which you desire, until it is time.


While you are having fun, keep clearly in your thoughts that which you want to create. Yes have fun and play, but by holding these thoughts and images in your consciousness, your desires and goals get energized by the light you create, moving this into your aura for the world to see unconsciously. This in effect polarizes and magnetizes your aura, to attract what you want as if by magick or luck.


The pot of gold at the end of every rainbow is actually a metaphor.


The rainbow carries seven colors and you have seven layers to who you are. You can call them the chakras, you can call them the bodies, it does not matter, the pot of gold exists when they are balanced and alive. If one area has too much, then you lose your way to the gold.


So how do you balance your life? Play while you focus on work. Make your work feel like play. Eat a balanced diet. In the end, it is balancing the chakras, which is most important. So that you will always flow ALL of the energies into your life.


Do this, and you will be simply brilliant.


How do you create luck? Please share with us below.

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