cleanse-the-chakras-title.jpgWe’ve all felt the pain of a life out of balance, or even a body out of balance. Any time you have pain, or emotional distress, you have stepped out of balance in some area of life. It’s a symptom of imbalance.


The chakras are the main energy centers within the body, that allow your body to take life force energy from God (universe) and turn it into something physical. To maintain health, it is important to keep your chakras cleansed and healthy.

This video will guide you through the steps to cleansing your chakras. 



Location of The Chakras

cleanse the chakrasCrown- Top of head

Third Eye- Middle of forehead

Throat- Center of throat

Heart- Between ribcage, heart level

Solar Plexus- Sternum

Sacral- Navel (belly button)

Root- Groin


The Steps

  • Sit straight, comfortably. Palms in lap, facing up. Or stand, hands at side. 
  • Imagine a white light coming from above, down into the top of your head. This white light passes through all of your chakras, cleansing each of them. It cleanses and purifies each one, from top to bottom.
  • Then imagine red light coming from the Earth. It restores balance to each chakra, one at a time from bottom to top.


The spiritual energy from above cleanses and purifies. It is spiritual connection. The energy from the Earth, keeps you grounded and energizes you for physical life.

Try this now. And do it daily if you can, for optimum results. Enjoy the benefits of a clearer and more focused life. 


For a more advanced chakra cleansing, fully guided, use the first meditation in our free meditation series

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