alpha lion

To understand nature is to understand the natural flow. How energy comes from the source of creation through layers of density into physical manifestation. More importantly nature teaches us about the cycles of creation. And evolution.   I speak not of evolution of animals but the evolution of humans.

There are 2 ways to look at this:

-Survival of the fittest. Only the strongest survive

While nature does its very best to improve upon itself, improving its DNA, it is foolish to think that the lone wolf, the lone predator, is stronger than the herd.

-Cooperation provides the greatest opportunity for evolution and creation

Even within cooperation, strength empowers all within. The strongest survive.

The nature of all life is to procreate and expand, and within the cycles of procreation, to evolve. The offsprings of generations future are far greater than the current strand. This means that we are the current, most evolved level of the human dna pool, and our ancestors will be even greater. And because of our own human nature, we can evolve a multitude of generations in a single lifetime, because it is our intelligence and will to do so.


Human Nature

The more we understand the nature of things, the more we can understand our own nature. And in so doing, improve upon ourselves.

The key to understanding nature is to understand the order and structure of things. All of nature has a hierarchy. You can call it the food chain. Which speaks to the grand order of things. Or you can look at the structure of an individual species.

queen bee

There is always a single leader responsible for the all. Be it the alpha lion who protects, the queen lion who hunts and teaches, or the queen bee who guides the growth and creation of her hive. One person must be in charge. And all others are subject to the purpose of that person. In your own life this must be true. You must be the alpha or the queen, in charge of the projects assigned to you by your will and Light.


And in so doing, you must act appropriately, creating support and cooperation with others. According to your station. If you wish to rise above your station, as is the human right to evolve, you must expand your purpose. Such is the way of nature. When you become proficient at your new level of purpose, you must again evolve to a new higher purpose, which only you can define. And every level requires greater cooperation and greater strength.



This greater strength, if predatory in nature can destroy the world around it, leaving itself baron and hopeless. But if wise in nature, only takes what is necessary for the efficiency of its pride.
  Nature knows this. Which is why even the most successful lion prides only hunt what they need. Instead of hunting to have. For this would destroy the food supply, creating their own death.

With strength and evolution comes responsibility. This is the lesson of nature.


To understand this lesson in your life, spend time in nature and reflect upon this within your own life. What can you do to use these lessons more wisely in your actions, friendships, and in your work? Then make changes so that you may evolve and rise above your station (current level of experience); get the promotion you want, or the relationship you deserve, that you may truly live as the benevolent alpha of your own life.        



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