Neuro- of the brain
Diversity- the state or fact of being diverse;difference,unlikeness

As the Neurodiversity Coach I strive to be a positive influence in my sessions with clients, and there are times, when no matter how many different ways I show or explain something, some clients just don’t get it and I feel like a failure. I am an Ordained Minister and feel great compassion for people who are suffering, and when I know I can’t help, I feel very sad.

Like many Neurodiverse people, I have struggled most of my Life. I wasn’t properly diagnosed with ADHD and Depression until I was 40 years old. I grew up in a home where there was abuse, addiction, violence, and terminal illness, so yes, coming out of it, I had no skills except for self-sabotage. I was used to struggling. I bathed in it!
It took me a lot of years and a lot of work to get to the point that I am at right now, where I don’t struggle; or if I do it is for a moment or two, not weeks or months or years. Suffering is optional, but I had to learn that one the hard way.

Sometimes, we Neurodiverse individuals, get very attached to routines and ways of thinking that go way beyond stubborn. We need rituals and routines to stay grounded because of the intense amount of mental activity going on 24/7!

This can be a very good thing if the rituals and habits are Light-filled and lead you to a better place within. My work as an Initiate in the Modern Mystery School, and as a student of John’s has truly been the most important learning I have done. In Universal Kabbalah I learned something really, really important that I truly didn’t know-I did not know it.

The most important lesson is this: I am 100% responsible for every moment and every portion of my reality. I am. It doesn’t matter if I have a learning disability or ADHD or get around in a wheelchair or have a body that works differently than others, I am still 100% responsible for what I am creating.

If I could give anyone, client or otherwise a gift, it would be the gift of this knowledge and how to apply it! If you have a situation in your life that sucks, then you need to look at your relationship to it. If you are not the problem, there is no solution! As harsh as this sounds, these words are the Keys to the Kingdom!

When I get that I am creating my reality, I am not a victim anymore! I have the Power that I had all along-I have the Power to Choose! I have the Power to say “NO!” to people, places and things that are not helpful to me, I have the Power to choose Love over fear, I have limitless options! If my Life sucks, I look at what I have created, forgive myself for creating it, and choose something new!

Neurodiverse people like me tend to be really stubborn, but once we learn something, and really, really take it in, it’s there for the duration.
Give yourself the gift of freedom from struggle!

Love and Light to you!

Heather M. McCrae, MM Med
Neurodiversity Coaching

Guest Author Heather M. McCrae

Heather is the Neurodiversity Coach, working with people who are “different thinkers” to embrace their uniqueness and enhance their strengths. As someone who identified as unique since childhood, Heather draws on a lifetime of personal growth and self empowerment. Her approach is grounded and practical, and enables her clients, both children and adults to adapt, to their environments and live their full potential.

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