New Year's Resolution Success

We’re a little over one month into the new year, so let’s check in on the resolutions and goals. Everybody knows it is important to set goals, and there is a little secret to making sure you get them accomplished.


The power of goal setting can be a dynamic force to overcome resistance and obstacles. But goals also help steer your way clear from distractions and maintain your focus to achieve the success you desire.


Why is it then, that it is so difficult for most of us to write down goals and follow through? In fact, by this time of the year a good portion of the population has given up on their New Year’s resolution, if they made one.


Why does this happen?


I don’t think the issue is not wanting to change or grow. I think it is that most goals that people set are founded on momentary desires or hopes and are void of any real passion.


Most often goals are based on the desire to avoid criticism or on public image or opinion, more than what really sings from your heart.


You have had many experiences with making a decision, setting a goal, and achieving it with dynamic results. The opposite has also happened, where no matter how much you wanted your goal, nothing seemed to fall in place. Obstacle after obstacle arose until eventually you forgot your goal.


What was the difference?


There are many influences to achieving results with your goals, one fact remains true. If the goal is something that you truly desire with all of your heart and you are impassioned by this dream, that passion, that fire, will support you to an inevitable result.


The passion and commitment will override all criticism and self doubt. And instead of just stubbornly hanging on to a process, you become flexible in your pursuit to achieve your dream.


New Year's Resolution SuccessAll your heart


So when setting a goal, I encourage you to really be clear about your commitment level to this goal.


Let’s get practical…


Write a list of goals. Define them in priority of which is the most important to you, determining which one is the top. And ask yourself this question, would you be satisfied living your life without accomplishing this goal? If the answer is yes, then perhaps you need a better goal. This is about your goal becoming your life, your purpose, an expression and extension of you.


The more committed and impassioned you are about this goal, the more opportunities you will have to achieve this goal. Keep in mind the need to be flexible in your plans and activities.


One final note, I encourage you to have a maximum of four goals, with a commitment to one above the other three. Any more goals than this becomes a dispersion of emotion and mental energies. This reduces your ability to accomplish.


Focus on one goal at a time.



  • Write a list of goals.
  • Prioritize them in order of most important to you
  • Narrow the list down to 4 things, holding one as your main priority
  • Write your level of commitment to your main goal, 1-10. If its not a 10, think more about your goals and priorities until you define what goal is a 10 for you right now.




If you need some extra support with reaching your goal, we have designed a group coaching program specifically to help you with this. You may enjoy being a member  when we start, which is coming soon.   Contact us, to let us know if you would like to join us.





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