competitionThey say in life, that in order to succeed, you must have a strong competitive nature. That this is true in business, sports, and just about all areas of life where one strives to have great notoriety.


The competitive atmosphere that society has created, has led to many great accomplishments.


While competition can drive people to succeed and become better, it also creates severe wounding, emotional and psychological. This is a survival of the fittest attitude. Only the very best should reap the rewards. And this belief has its foundation in fear.




Fear of not being good enough, or that there isn’t enough for everybody.


In addition to this, a subculture of ridicule and criticism has been formed around those who don’t seem to fit in, compared to what is considered acceptable in society. Those who are not as successful as others, as beautiful, or as healthy are deemed less desirable. This enhances fear and the feeling that there isn’t enough to go around. Therefore, the cycle feeds on itself and grows.


All of the things that are associated with this: social cliques, social and caste systems, as well as racial and other stereotypes, none of which have their roots in spiritual truth, are just fear.


This condition has carried on for centuries.
There is enough 


The truth of it is, this fear is an illusion. There is enough of everything for everyone. It is when people hoard, from the pain of fear, that this act causes pain to others.


But you don’t have to live this way. As an individual, you can still live the greatest life you can possibly imagine and step out of the cycle of fear.


Your power comes when you are not driven by this fear, but when you are focused on your own goals and have an appreciation for your own skills and talents.


I firmly believe that we all have the potential to accomplish great things. It is only fear that holds you back. The condition of fear is what compels you to compare yourself to others and holds you in judgement and others in contempt.


Live Your Life


The solution, is to quit comparing yourself to others. Do not measure yourself by the acts of another individual. You have not lived their life or walked in their shoes. You may set your goals as lofty as you desire, even greater than those of which others have done, but do not compare your life to others. It is your life, not theirs.


If you must have a comparison, then compare your results to your desires.


Then take a look at your actions. If your results are not what you want, adjust your actions so that they support accomplishing your goal.


And in doing this, you may look to the actions of others who are successful for information, to see what is working for for them, but not for a comparison of value or worth.


As a Bonus


When you stop comparing for judgement, but more to appreciate the gifts of others, you build goodwill toward them and also begin to see your own gifts more clearly. This is the cycle of the universe, what you can see outwardly, you can see within.



Remember the old axiom, fortune favors the bold. Fortune also favors the prepared. So I encourage you to be bold and daring. Be observant of the actions you are taking and their results, so that you can achieve the greatest successes. In this way, you will shine your light to the world.



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