Patience is a virtue. In fact, this virtue is often tied to compassion, humility, and beings of great light and saintly natures. In this world today, with all the influences we have bombarding us, we often don’t want to feel very virtuous.

You’re driving down the road, and a car cuts you off, cuz they’re in a hurry. Or just interacting with large groups of people, we often find that people become tunnel visioned about what they want, and sometimes just forget good manners. It is easy to get caught up.

But these points of view are focusing on what other people are doing wrong. In focusing on others, we don’t really address how we can overcome.

People are impatient, often because they focus on the rudeness or ignorance of others. But in reality, when we lack patience, we are feeling as if we are not empowered. That somehow, someway we are not in control of our lives. The ultimate fuel for impati ence is actually repressed anger, where we stuff the little things down, because we don’t want to create conflict in our lives. Many times repressed anger comes from trying to be nice, enabling others in actions we ourselves think we would not do.

So, in order to create patience, we have to cultivate the vibration that allows it to flow to us. First, lets see if we can create a better understanding of what patience is. Patience is being kind. It is being compassionate, understanding of another person’s current state in life. It is loving and gracious, and freed from controlling actions and even thoughts of judgments or criticism.

Patience is not about being compliant or being a push over. Its about being yourself, being empowered in all situations. Patience is a strength that comes from knowing yourself and therefore, others. And this strength comes from and is cultivated by the Light of God.

Now, I know that sounds religious, and that’s n ot really what I mean here. The Light of God is actually a ray of creation, that fuels compassion, strength and courage, beauty, harmony, intelligence, clarity, and passion for all things. All of these combined, are aspects of the Love of God, as it flows through us. And when we truly connect to this vibration, we gain something else. We gain inner peace. When we gain inner peace, we gain the quality to overcome all things. And when we can overcome all things, we are forever patient.

So, lets start with baby steps. In your daily meditations, as you connect to the Light of God, moving through your body, which will help you to release stress and create a sense of personal peace, send this Light of peace to everyone that you know. And in so doing, it will flow through you with greater Light and consistency.

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