self lovePerhaps this Valentine’s Day, when you consider the love and the romance and the partnerships in your life, its a good time to reflect on your relationship with yourself. I know this sounds corny, many have talked about this. But… if you are the creator of your life and the source of all creation, then it stands to reason that the better your relationship is with yourself, the better all of your relationships will be; the better your life will be.


So. let’s explore this just a little bit.


The routines of daily life, the stress and pressure of deadlines, and the complexities of relationships can create a myriad of stress and discomfort. While relationships can be stressful, I firmly believe they can be the source of your greatest joy.

It is a spiritual law, that as we do one thing, so do we do all things. That everything has its reflection into everything else. If you want to improve your life and relationships, why not start at the source? The ultimate source is God, the creator of the universe, and thus your relationship with God is a factor in all things. Because of this principle of reflection, the best way to see the quality of your relationship with God, is to see the quality of your relationship with your most intimate partner, and also your relationship with yourself.


So, take an inventory. What would you like to improve in your life and relationships? Is your communication positive and uplifting, with complete honesty and transparency? Are you being authentically you in your dialogues, without the need to hide or protect emotions?

Are you appreciative and considerate? Are you respectful and nurturing? What is your level of gratitude? And, are you consciously creating together (in regards to self, you are consciously creating with yourself when the outcomes are positive and according to your desires, otherwise you are creating with the pains of your negative ego)? Are you consciously taking action that brings greater strength and unity and wholeness, a sense of fulfillment and purpose?


Because this is what is necessary in all relationships in order for them to be healthy. And the most important relationship is the one with yourself.

[box]What do you value about yourself that you also value in others?[/box]


Make a list…..

Write a few things down, at least ten (stretch a little). Be objective.

This list is things you value in yourself that you also acknowledge and value in others. It’s important that you recognize you value these things in others, because when you acknowledge the value in others, then you override your negative ego’s desire to either feel arrogance or guilt for patting yourself on the back. 


So this Valentines’ Day while you are appreciating the ones that have shared their love and brought you joy in life, please remember to love and appreciate yourself.


And if you haven’t given yourself a nice big hug recently, then maybe you are overdue.


 If you would like to make a public expression of appreciation, please share some of the things you appreciate about yourself and others in the comment section. 

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