Various studies show that your conscious mind is aware of anywhere from one to five percent of the environment around you. Even if the percentage were higher, it would not change the fact that a vast majority of your mind is not consciously involved in your day to day activities. Or is it? 


I believe that your entire mind is involved in all things. However, your conscious perceptions are limited to that small five percent of the activities around you. Like the classic Freud analogy, I look at your mind like an iceberg. A small tip is aware and active, and everything unconscious is actually supporting your activities, including your conscious thoughts and emotions. Your subconscious mind rules your life and is the underlining programming for all of your activities.


Your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind doesn’t care about what kind of activities you have. It just wants information. The problem is that you have established patterns in your life and your subconscious mind and because of those patterns, your subconscious mind is in autoloop. It doesn’t know where the onramp to your super dream highway is. So you can look at your subconscious mind as an autopilot for life. If you know anything about flying, autopilots today are fairly sophisticated, but they mainly just fly you straight to a destination. They don’t take in surrounding data, but it takes you through a set series of sequences of events, until you reach a point where you must take conscious control. And that is what life is like.


So how do you tell your brain your destination?


I believe there are highly effective tools available for reprogramming your brain. One approach is by clearly defining and establishing the physical state of being that conveys the greatest sense of joy and confidence. That requires you to literally adjust your physical body and get clarity on the directions of your life.


Tip for Reprogramming

I would like to share with you one example of what I mean by direction. Everybody that teaches positive affirmation techniques are adamant about the “now.” The “I am.” The problem with that is when you say “I am happy,” your mind instantly reminds you of when you are depressed or angry, and this creates conflict within you. So in order to win this battle, you must say “I am happy” thousands of times to beat the negative thoughts and feelings into submission. And most of us give up on ourselves long before we achieve this victory.


So, the solution is not by not getting stuck in place, which the “I am” can do, but rather to embrace a flowing energy, which takes you to exactly where you want to be in the moment. As an example, instead of saying, “I am happy,” I would use statements such as “I love being happy,” “my desire is happiness,” “my purpose is to play,” “my mission is to be happy.” When expressing these statements or similar types of statements, by replacing the “I am statement,” you are embracing a direction for your subconscious mind, which readily goes into autopilot in order to take you to these destinations. Because you are not taking a stance, which can hold you back, your past experiences don’t come into conflict. And instead, you are connected to stronger, more positive flowing energies which expand your potential.


Let’s make this simple, if you give your subconscious mind a direction, it will take you there. Affirmations are powerful if they are used for direction. Avoid “I am statements,” and replace them with “my purpose…my desire…my mission…etc” statements. Write those statements down in red dry erase marker on your bathroom mirror, and enjoy the rapid change!


We just covered all of this in depth last month in group coaching with amazing results, and I thought I would share it with you as well. Have a beautiful summer.

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