how to choose the right path for meWe received this question recently,  and it is actually a question we get a lot. 

 I am struggling with which path to take and feel there are multiple paths calling me! I feel like I may be just going with flow. I want to be able to make the decisions that are right for me and take action. What should I do?

Here is my answer

 About fifteen years ago, I was in the exact same place. Wanting to make a change, having many opportunities available to me, and I really did not know which path to take.


As I look back, my mind was clouded with indecision. It wasn’t until I actually made a decision to do something, and committed to that endeavor, that the confusion abated.


I’m not going to say that first choice was perfect because I did change direction later on. And in fact I made another decision 6 months later, and I’m not doing that today either. But I committed to doing something and got things in motion, and because I committed to an endeavor, I learned things about myself and about other people.

And, my third choice, was what I always wanted to do (even if I didn’t consciously know it) and that is what I am doing today.

Making a Choice

Maybe I got lucky that it only took three choices to get there. I don’t know a single person who has achieved success in their lives without simply making a choice and boldly stepping in that direction.

Each direction gives you the opportunity to learn new talents and skills and to get new perspective. Just because you choose to follow a path, doesn’t mean that you can’t decide to change your mind later, and  choose another direction. Eventually, you will settle into a direction that truly resonates with you.


Keep in Mind: Some people like to change directions every 3 or 4 weeks. They struggle with staying grounded in any of the choices they make. This can be caused by a couple of things

  1. Making choices based on what you THINK will make you happy, instead of coming from your heart and saying “this is an expression of me.” When you think its what’s going to make you happy, there is a momentary sense of excitement, much like infatuation. But as you step into the actions and responsibilities of that choice, the excitement fades. When it comes from your heart, its not about an excitement, its about being yourself more expressively in the world. Its peaceful AND joyful.
  2. Making choices based on insecurity and fear. If you jump into a situation hastily, based on, for example fear of not being good enough for what you really want to do, fear of making a mistake or being judged, or fear of not knowing how to begin, there is no deep sense of commitment or connection to what you are doing. The energy dissipates quickly and you are back to where you were. So it is important to be grounded AND bold.

I learned from each experience.

The first choice I made 15 years ago was to work in construction. I was always good with my hands and loved building things. But what I really learned from that experience, was how to supportive team and comradery within a group of people.


The next choice I made was to work in massage. Quite a difference. Because I Ioved healing and helping people. What I learned from this was how to provide healing without taking on other people’s energies.


Both of these choices helped me to understand the value of good boundaries. Which became a natural lead into what I do now.


When I finally made the decision to be a spiritual healer and teacher, I had to overcome great fear. Even though I had been studying healing at that point for over 20 years, and had immersed myself into spiritual disciplines for at least ten years, I thought “who was I to teach anybody or heal anybody?” I still had my personal issues that we all struggle with every day.


When I finally committed to being a spiritual teacher and healer, doors opened that I had never imagined were there. I had greater support and opportunity and I felt more fulfilled and more at peace than I had ever felt in my life. I’m not saying its easy, I’m saying I felt better about myself.


The very first class I taught, that I reluctantly agreed to teach, was organized by a friend. And while I was extremely nervous and unpolished, everyone was compassionately grateful for the class. Although I know it was far from what I would consider a good presentation, I had never felt more at peace with myself for doing something. And still today I have no thought about changing professions, only ways to improve upon it.


Dare to Be Bold

When you make your choice, make sure its not just a distraction from your indecision and doubt, but rather something that you choose that gives you a sense of inner peace and confidence. The more grounded the feeling is in your decision, the more you will align with your soul’s purpose.


Just make a decision. Just go for it! Movement in a direction will propel your life in ways that you can’t even begin to imagine. Its ok to make a different decision later.


P.S. Astrological note: Unless you were born during a mercury retrograde, avoid making large decisions during a mercury retrograde period (though its great to continue with projects you have already started), because they are often undone a few weeks later. It is a great time to consider your options and think about all the directions available, review your feelings, and then make a solid decision next week, when mercury is direct. 


Talk to us in the comments below. Share a time when you felt pulled in multiple directions. How did it feel? Are you still there? What did you do?



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