About Our Services:

We offer a variety of services, dedicated to wherever you are on your personal journey. The best place to begin, is by calling or writing and dialoguing about what results you are hoping to achieve.  We can then tailor an approach specifically for you.




Most of our focus at Sancti is working with you through coaching, to help build confidence, peace, strength, and happiness. To overcome your greatest challenges and begin creating the exact life you envision for yourself.

Your ideal life is much closer than you think. We experience people surprising themselves constantly with how quickly and largely they change their lives. 



Additionally, we offer energy based healing techniques that have been used for thousands of years by highly trained practitioners. They facilitate rapid healing and greater ease in your life.



Throughout the year, we hold special training as well. Classes range in topics from learning to build greater chi to understanding the deeper secrets of life. We hold webinars every few months, to ensure you have access to the training even if you can’t travel to the location of classes. To listen to one our favorite webinars, click here. 



If you would like to build your experience with meditation, we offer a free series, that provides a new meditation each day for 7 days. We are also working on an extensive meditation site to help guide you through unique experiences all year long. 



We sincerely look forward to meeting you. Write us a note or call and tell us how you are doing.