(This article was originally published in a previous blog, in June)

So, once again we are on the cusp of a solar eclipse, which will occur tomorrow, July 1st. As with all eclipses, it is a time of diminished light on the Earth.

Every solar eclipse has its own flavor and influence. This solar eclipse has a grand square with no supportive grand trine (a square is where planetary influences on our shadows are stronger, and the grand square is the harshest of all. Trines are where planetary influences support our strengths and virtues). As such, it is a time to continue the course, and not make big changes. This grand square can create sudden changes that can impact all aspects of your world. The planets involved include the Sun, the Moon, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. These planets influence your sense of well-being, your emotions, your life lessons, sudden and rapid changes, and intensity of karmic cycles. All currently in unsupportive aspects, bringing in hard lessons from past karmic cycles.

With Mars also in the square to Neptune, action taken could easily get confused or slip into the realm of wishful thinking, with clarity of insight obscured. The Mercury, Jupiter square could easily trigger thoughts of not being supported by those closest to you. Simply put, the solar eclipse on July 1st is an inauspicious time. Try not to make any big decisions. There are several supportive aspects, but the difficult aspects far outweigh the supportive. This will pass quickly however, and within a week, you should find some relief. Spend the 4th of July weekend with family and good friends, sharing good times.

In all things, there are cycles of increase and decrease. And while we are in the time of the highest light, summer, the solar eclipse is a major shift from light for a few days. Use your protection rituals, stay focused on prayer and gratitude and joy!


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