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A little more about Spirit Guides.


Who Are Spirit Guides


Spirit Guides are spiritual beings whose main job is to guide you in your life toward progress. They communicate through feelings, words, images, or your ability to “just know” something. Their primary function is to share their personal strengths and skills with you, so that you can more easily navigate the difficulties of the world. They help you with life lessons and to continue to expand your self.
Your personal spirit guides will not be a Master of Light or Archangel. Those beings serve the entire planet. Though, they may certainly work with you in your life, your primary spirit guides are different. Your guide may even have a simple name, like Sarah or Juan. But they are very wise spiritual beings, with insight into your issues or needs. They help you stay on track to fulfill your life purpose.


How Do I Work with Them
To develop your relationship, begin by paying closer attention. Pay attention to the sensations in your body or feelings you get about a situation or relationship. When you have a “bad feeling” about a particular action, take note. Maybe even ask why it is a bad idea and wait to see if you get any more feelings or images.

The more you pay attention to the feelings or visuals you receive, the stronger and clearer they become. This takes time to develop, so stay patient.


Meditation is also crucial. It helps you to still your mind and develop a deeper connection with your guides. Create a regular meditation practice, and find a teacher to help you improve your practice more quickly.
Begin talking to your guides regularly. Ask them questions; ask them what you need to learn next, and ask them for advice. They will always respond, and as you become more practiced, understanding them becomes easier.


Why Work with Your Guides
Working with your spirit guides helps you to develop your psychic ability and gifts. The constant support and guidance makes you feel as though you are never alone and always have a friend. Your decisions become more precise and your life flows more easily, because you have people looking out for you. You have more answers to your questions. It is a blessed life.


For more help working with your spirit guides, sign up for our five part guided meditation series. This process helps you to meet and learn more about your individual guides, and to develop a close personal relationship.


Do you have any personal stories about spirit guides? A time when they told you something would happen just before it did, or an experience where they helped you? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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