Each week, work on connecting with your spirit guides in a meaningful way. This guided meditation series, step by step helps you to learn who your spirit guides are and how they work with you


Get a new recording for each week for a month to discover the wonderful connection with your spirit guides.

What is a spirit guide?

You have most likely experienced that quiet voice or sensation in the pit of your stomach that warns when you shouldn’t do something because something bad is about to happen. Or you get inspiration, a great idea and you just know it will work! This is your spirit guide talking to you. We all have experience working with them. With practice you can get even better at it.

And when you are able to ask your guides question, and get answers, you will find life becomes easier. You can see potential problems in the future to avoid, or get an idea that makes your life swim along more happily. It takes practice, but is so worth it.
This series

In this meditation series, you receive recordings and are guided on a simple journey to connect with and learn more about your spirit guides. There is a brief teaching beforehand as well, so you know what its all about. You will begin to develop this relationship, or enhance it even more if you’ve already begun, and get tips for how to continue to develop the bond after the month is complete. Each meditation is different and you are guided the entire process.




These have got to be some of my favorite meditations ever, and probably my favorite ones that John leads. I’ve done different spirit guide meditations before, but John’s brought me to a much deeper understanding of my individual guides and what they are here to teach me. I’ve found developing relationships with these beings to be so important to understanding why I’m here and what my potential is. Having John anchor the energies for me to connect to them was beyond helpful in me experiencing their energies for myself.
-J.C.  Los Angeles, CA

Connecting with your Spirit Guides helps you to:

  • Get clear insight about how to avoid potential problems and how to choose the more clear path.
  • Feel constantly supported
  • Have the answers to you biggest life questions
  • Fulfill your life purpose more easily
  • Be in the right place at the right time


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We did this same series last year, and people are very excited to do it again. To strengthen what they gained. 

And don’ t worry if you feel you are not good at meditating or following along. Everyone who has attended has gotten something helpful out of the meditation series. 

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