We were surfing the net and found this amazing video on Facebook. This video has been out for a while, but it is actually new to us. We thought it was awesome to see validation for the spiritual training that so many of us believe in. I have called this a spiritual science or technology for many years, because I believe it is duplicable.

I say spiritual technology; because there are proven steps that can greatly enhance your energy, strength, and effectiveness. With these techniques, not only can you create healing on a physical level, but also on emotional and psychological levels. And from this, you can greatly impact the world around you. That’s what I believe this video shows.

This is why we offer the free gift of a meditation series, which a lot of you may have already seen. It is a very powerful way to shift your energy, feel more in control, and have a happier life.

I hope you enjoy this video, and share it with others. Hopefully it opens the door for more seekers.


Video of Gregg Braden

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