Into every life, a little rain must fall. Whoever said that, really didn’t talk about the amount of rain. For some people, it’s a light shower that comes and goes once a year. For others, they seem to be constantly battling torrential rains. But in every life, the sun does come out and shine. So what I would like to do is teach you a little weather magic, so you can have a little more sunshine in your life. The kind of weather magic I’m talking about is not the stuff you see in movies. I’m talking about bringing more light and hope into your life.

The question is, why does this matter?

I think there is a basic lack of awareness in our mass consciousness on this planet of what the true power of light is. Light exposes issues so they can be dealt with and also eliminates confusions. Light gives you strength; it feeds you life force energy. In the form of spiritual light, its where you tap into your internal strength, inspiration, and most importantly, your authority over darkness.

When the rain clouds are glooming, be it a light sprinkle or a looming thunder head, you seem to be under the shadows of your light, clouded or veiled. The best way I have found to break through those clouds, short of flying on a plane and soaring above them, is to get busy. Not to just take any action, but to have action driven by goals and purpose.
There was a study done, and I don’t remember it, so I can’t quote it (and perhaps its made up, but it makes my point so I’m going to use it), that the number one killer of retired people is lack of purpose. I do equate purpose with productivity. If you have a goal and purpose you can be dedicated to, that you can believe in, it can compel you to overcome even the greatest of odds. Without this goal or direction, you take life as a monotonous routine of insignificant/challenging experiences. So you fail to relish in the joys of life.

So, I encourage you, to not only have your daily goals, and weekly goals and long term five year goals, but also incorporate into your life, something that challenges you to excel beyond something which you believe to be acceptable or possible. Dare to break the chains of your doubt, and step into the rainbow that carries with it all possibilities.

A good exercise to help you do this: Besides your daily life and routines, give yourself a goal to eliminate clutter in life in the form of “busy work” or busy activity. Eliminate the time consuming activities that give you no reward or productivity, and replace them with something that gives you happiness and confidence. Go for a daily walk, exercise, join a club that you’ve been wanting to join (be it the rotary club, a meditation group, or a photography club). The more time consuming busy work you eliminate the freer you will feel. The more you incorporate joy and empowering activities into your life, the more your monsoon season feels like a little sprinkle. And a little rain is not so bad; it helps you to appreciate the flowers.
Give your life purpose and you will always have hope. A life with purpose is a life worth living.

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