Its that time of year again. Summer is here, its a time for family, picnics, outings, vacations, and summer fun.


In all of this activity, you often spend time with the people that you admire the most. Bonds are strengthened, as you embrace good times with great people.


One of the best examples of a person I admire, that I remember as a kid, was a friend of my father’s. I called him Mr. Lewis. He was a kind and caring gentleman, who always seemed to pay attention to the most important things I had to say, even as I was a 10 year old kid. Even though I had interrupted many conversations with him and my father, he always took the time to smile, acknowledge and encourage me in whatever adventure I was on. It helped me to realize I had value.



And while I appreciated it at the time, it was years later before I began to do that for myself and others. And the seeds that Mr. Lewis had planted really began to take hold. The true importance of this came to me as I began to cultivate stronger friendships, and began teaching on a larger scale.


I began to appreciate more the gifts of each person. Every person has something to offer, something of great value, something that adds to the light. And when you nurture that light within them, you nurture their very soul (and your soul as well). Enhancing their soul’s ability to connect to their Higher Self, simply by acknowledging their worth and value. 


I know we have very busy lives, and it is easy to forget how important it is to acknowledge the value and worth of other people, but I believe that every time you do this, you help the world move one step closer to the Light.


So, I would like to acknowledge you. For I believe you, who reads this, are ever seeking to improve your own nature, to overcome your shadows and to really embrace the nature of your Higher Self. Because of this, I firmly believe that you are a light unto your community and to the world. And we can never have too much light.





July is the month of Cancer, the sign of the nurturing and caring person, which inspire us to be nurturing. Here is an exercise I have done for myself, to help me nurture my soul, and feel better about life. 


Get a notebook. Take time and review some of your positive life experiences. In that review, think of a time when you helped another person or did something kind for yourself. Or a time when you exhibited a quality that you admire in others. Write about this time, and record what great skill or virtue you gained or exhibited in that experience. And appreciate yourself. Write at least three experiences; seven is even better.


Write about:

-The experience

-The virtue you exhibited



Just as you might share your appreciation for someone else publicly, share your self appreciation with us. Tell us of one of your positive experiences in the comments below right now. 


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