Last Sunday, our friend shared the link to a song that is said to relieve stress. And listening to it in the morning set the tone for one of the most relaxing days we’ve had in awhile.


The song is called “Weightless,” by Marconi Union. Scientists tested this song by playing it for 40 women in an experiment. They not only found the song to be more relaxing than Enya or Motzart, but also more relaxing than a massage, walk or tea.


After completing a stressful task, the women in the study experienced a 65% reduction in overall anxiety from listening to the music, and a level 35% lower than their resting rates.






More Tips for Reducing Stress


We wrote an article previously, sharing our favorite tried and true stress reducing remedies. 10 tips for reducing stress  


shrineHerbs and Vitamins…

Here are some of our favorite things to take for reducing stress:

Magnesium (or mixed with chamomile to create what Dana Claudat calls “natural ambien” ), chamomile tea, lavender (tea, essential oil, etc), Bach’s Rescue Remedy. We even give Rescue Remedy to our cats. Angel perks up when she see’s the bottle. 


Pets and Plants

Something you probably know, but its good to see the evidence. Both having pets and having plants in your home, can be greatly stress relieving. Studies have found that pets can reduce stress hormones, risk of cardiovascular disease, and help with many other health and social benefits. 

In fact, pets can even help you achieve your goals, just thinking about them.


Having plants in the room can reduce stress and increase productivity. Plants purify the air and increase the amount of oxygen in the room. Here are 10 common plants that are great for the home. Dr Bill Wolverton suggests about 2 plants per 100 square feet in the rooms you spend the most time.


I hope you have a stress free day. Remember to give the Weightless song a try, and maybe even add it to your bookmark to start each day with it for awhile.


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