the nature of treesDo you ever look at trees, standing tall and majestic? Full and beautiful. Do you ever wonder what they think as we humans scurry by with our busy, filled lives?


As they grow, trees constantly follow the rotation of the sun, so they have a slight natural spiral rotation. Clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere, unless I have it backwards, and its clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. Either way.


Nature of Trees

Some say trees talk with a nice chirping sound and that they feel pain and sorrow. Others say tending to your trees and plants can greatly reduce your stress, because they take stress from you and ground it into the Earth through their roots.


The tree is actually like two trees in one.  The roots of the tree often reflect a similar spread and growth below ground as the tree does above ground, creating a reflection. As above, so below.


I learned a few years ago that there are such thing as male and female trees. I guess that makes sense.


There is also a myth about ancient guardian trees, that protect the trees in the forest, who some say can actually move across the ground as if they have feet.


Tree Hugging

One day, I had a particularly hard healing session; I had brought in a lot of energy over a very short period of time, and my body ached in discomfort. It was probably because I wasn’t used to flowing that intensity of healing in such a short period.


The person recovered immediately from what appeared to be radiation poisoning.  And when I left from the client, I went outside, trying to rebalance my energy. I walked up to a beautiful old Cherry Tree.


And as I stood, leaning against the tree, my head and arms resting on the branches in the tree, I felt as if the tree was trying to hug me. To accept me.


nature of treesI opened my eyes, because I thought I was imagining things. But I continued to feel a strong supporting connection from the tree. Within moments, I felt balanced, and at peace again.


Walking in Nature

Since then, I’ve been a firm believer in walking in the woods. And while I may not be a tree hugger, I have definitely been hugged by trees.


I believe there is a lot more to things in nature than we recognize, because of our busy lives. Not just trees. I believe that all things are made of energy. And that energy is in motion. Thought drives that motion.


So on some level, all things are alive. Conscious. We just have to learn their language.


A final note: In my spiritual journey, the more I connect with Nature, the easier it is for me to feel a sense of peace and confidence in my life. This has helped me to better relate to others.

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