The only thing consistent in this great world of ours, is change. It is known in physics and in science, that nothing stays the same, that everything is in a state of flux, meaning moving from one energy state to another.

This is also understood by philosophers who studied Plato as well as Hermes. And this is an important point to come to terms with in our own lives.

Everything in nature reflects into your life, for we are all reflections of one another, including that of nature. If everything is in a state of flux, that means it is either increasing in vibration, excitement or light…or decreasing in vibration.


In life, this means you are either evolving into a better, more empowered state, or becoming more stagnant, more entrenched in your beliefs, and therefore cycles or actions. So, this brings about and interesting point.

Raising Your Vibration

If you are moving to a higher vibration, then you are connecting to a higher energy, and shifting yourself, and this is by your will and actions. If you do not do this, it means you are moving into a more dense or stagnant state, and implies that you are being acted upon by the forces of this world, instead of freeing yourself from the bonds that hold you.

meditationYou never stay in the same place. You are either becoming better, or you are becoming more rigid. Those who know and understand this often seek out tools, advice, and activities to help overcome stagnation in life, so not only are you in greater control of your future, but you can help those that you care about as well. And in reality, this is a primal desire within every being. 

You are all filled with an innate desire to be better, to be more
, to create more, and to be more effective. No one came into this world wishing to be mediocre or less. All of us, in our hearts strive to be better.

Practice Kindness

A great way to raise your vibration is to meditate. One of the most overlooked tools in your arsenal for creating positive change in life, is to just BE KIND TO YOURSELF! We often think of being kind to other people, and this is essential in your progression as a Light Worker and overcoming your own stagnation. For when you help others, you also see where you are getting in your own way.

At the same time, it is easier to be kind and helpful to others than it is to be kind to yourself. Being nice to yourself, recharges your batteries, and gives you the fuel you need to increase your vibration and overcome the difficulties that can arise from life’s experiences.

In my dedication to becoming better myself, and to helping others to do the same, we are offering a free gift. One of our more popular meditations. Please feel free to listen and use this and share it with your friends. And may your light shine! 

Click Here For A Free Meditation

Love and Hugs,

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