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Sometimes in life you just hit a point where it seems difficult to get to the next level. Call it stagnation, being stuck, or just not knowing what to do next.  Some people will tell you that this is an integration period. That you are absorbing lessons and integrating them into your life.  And that may very well be the case, but if this feeling extends more than just a few days, then I believe there may be something else involved.


Stagnation occurs when you are not balanced in your life or are not in alignment with your purpose. Alignment with purpose is about clarity, knowing what brings you joy and a feeling of personal empowerment and gratitude in life. It’s about doing what you know is an expression of you. Understanding your life purpose isn’t always easy, because you may be under the influences of friends and society, who are confusing you with their opinions and criticisms, motivating you through fear, instead of you embracing your heart’s joy. When you find your purpose, it becomes and an extension of you, instead of something you are just doing. Perhaps we’ll talk more on this subject later.



What I really wanted to discuss with you today, is about the importance of a balanced life. I’m not referring to a balanced life in the way you have probably heard it before…nutrition, play, work, life… because you have heard about that before, and I’m sure you are doing the best you can. The balance I am talking about directly impacts any stagnation in your life, and that is the balance between your thoughts and emotions.


As I’ve stated in the past, every thought that you have creates an image or picture. This image or picture is actually formed in the matrix of creation. To the subconscious mind, every form (or image) you have is a goal in life. It may not be a desirable goal or a conscious goal, but to your subconscious mind, every image, every goal is where you are directing your life. This is why we say it is so important to gain control of your negative ego and your subconscious thoughts.


Many books have gone over this in great detail, so this is nothing new, but I hope my explanation of thoughts stresses the importance of overcoming your negative thoughts, in particular, harsh judgments and criticism.


An easier way of understanding thoughts, is that they are like rudders of your ship, steering the way through the waters of life.

Your emotions are of equal importance. They are the fuel, or the power plant to your ship. If you have very strong emotions your engines are turbocharged. And if you are very passive, you may have your engine on idle; by passive I don’t mean kind, but I mean low energy. If you are burnt out and tired, your emotions have become heavy, have weighed you down. They have gone from the emotion of fire, to the dense heavy, mucky, sludge. And these are the negative emotions that give you very little fuel for life.


If your emotions and thoughts are both positive, you steer your life to friendly harbors. If they are both negative, you hit stormy seas. The interesting thing is, either way you will have growth. The stormy seas will tell you where you need to grow and the friendly harbors will add greater fuel for expansion in your life. So I wish the friendly harbors to everyone.


What Creates Stagnation

When your emotions and thoughts oppose, however, where one is positive and the other is negative, your ship seems to be doing circles, you are repeating loops. You end up in stagnation. Let me be clear about this, positive and negative are mutually exclusive. A little negative is negative, and all it takes is a little positive to turn things around. So, if you are stagnant or caught in cycles, and don’t know what to change, I recommend jumping on a dingy, and going to a friendly harbor to fuel up, before you return to your ship of life and set sail for a new course. By the way, I love sailing, can you tell?


What do I mean by this? I mean, do something fun. Break your pattern, give yourself a treat. If you don’t have the rewards of life, then life becomes a struggle. Take in a movie, get a massage, get a pedicure, spend a day at the beach. This will give you a reprieve from the stresses of life, which will allow for greater focus and help you to unite your thoughts and emotions, and to create real change.


Moving Forward

Then when your batteries are recharged and you feel good about yourself in life, readdress the issues of focus and mental clarity, or issues of forgiveness of past events. To forgive means to let go, and to accept unconditionally all parties involved.


And this is actually what you need to do, forgive yourself and anyone else involved, because the attachment is where the seeds of your shadows lie.  Forgiveness eliminates negative thoughts and attachments surrounding an experience, creating room for better thoughts. This only becomes easy, when you practice this in your life. To do this once in awhile will not yield consistent results, but to make this part of your life is essential to quick constant shifts.


When you need additional help, seek healing, training, counseling, coaching. This helps you dig deep and release the attachments at the core of your life. As you drop attachments, you create movement and transformation. You take control of your life, by taking control of your thoughts and more importantly your emotions.


If you want an effective and reliable tool, this meditation series has a forgiveness meditation and a warrior meditation for building energy. And always, remember, it only takes a little bit of positive energy to create forward momentum. So forgive and love yourself.  By nurturing yourself, you awaken a deeper connection to your soul. Your Higher Self can then support and guide you in all areas of life. The greater connection to your Higher Self, the more balanced you feel, and the more easily you flow creativity and productivity.

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