Today is a rare astrological occurrence, known as the Transit of Venus. This is the second half or conclusion of a once in a lifetime event. The first half started 8 years ago, and before that was over 100 years. Each one comes in a pair. This one is 2004 and 2012. Today at roughly 3pm Pdt, Venus will cross over the face of the sun, and will do so until roughly 9:45pm. The amazing thing about this transit is that Venus is in retrograde, which greatly amplifies the impact of this transit.


As Venus crosses the face of the sun, the light of the sun is colored or altered by the planetary frequencies of Venus. Venus is about love, about learning to truly love and care for one another. Not on a superficial level, but on a deeper soul level, and this is not just for your partner, but for all of your  brothers and sisters on the planet. While this will definitely be part of this event, with Venus in retrograde, all of the energies are amplified, because Venus is moving backward through the sky as if gathering greater energy before sending it to us. A word of caution is that Venus is in an exact square to Mars in Virgo, which is a negative aspect, meaning an aspect that exposes negative influences in our lives. This particular aspect exposes where we blame and criticize others, in particular our partners for events in our lives. This exposure is not designed to create conflict, but rather to bring to our conscious minds the negative influence that we are perpetuating in our thoughts and actions. With Venus transiting the sun in this aspect, it exposes on a global level, how we, as a society blame and criticize one another, and also the need to openly communicate and take positive action.


Historically the transit of Venus has been a turning point in consciousness for the world. And previous Transits of Venus have been heralded with positive change. I see nothing different for this one. In order to create this change, we must first identify what isn’t working in our lives and in our societies. Upon recognition of that, we must be willing to embrace a higher, more harmonious way.


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This astrological event has been held sacred by one culture more than any other (to my knowledge), so we present some information written from a Mayan Elder:

 From an article by Carlos Barrios and Adriana Rojas
“Many of the great sages and Mayan traditionalists mainly cite the words of two great Maya masters: the late Don Pascual Mendoza, from MAM of Huehuetenango (Guatemalan highlands) a conservator and Guardian of Tradition, and the late Don Ramon Carabaes,  calendarist, visionary, scholar science and curator of the Maya. Both agreed that Venus is the planet that announces changes and complications on Earth… In classical times, much attention was given to the astronomical phenomenon in which Venus takes a walk on the face of the sun because according to the observations that for centuries were made by the great Maya sages, this transit of Venus was the door to major changes … the quantum jumps. This phenomenon has been considered as the sign that shows the right time for change, to prepare actions necessary to confront so many social, and material and spiritual issues.

We must remember that not all change is easy, since these are always accompanied by trials. In the words of our forefathers, who did not have the ability to adapt and vibrate in this new order  and were, hence, destined to suffer and/or disappear… The previous transit of Venus over the face of the Sun was in the Gregorian year 2004. On that date marked the beginning of the problems we suffer in the current socioeconomic system. Hence, the banking and the stock market suffered an economic crisis which still has not recovered. The economy began to turn over the Asian countries and socially, both in the Middle East and Africa, we see it taking the turn. The western economy is unrealistically based and brings out the fragility and illusion that is inherent in this system.

Today we are facing a new Transit of Venus over the face of the Sun, this happens twice in a century with a gap of eight years, that means that we are witnessing the last of these transits in this century as the next will be in 2117 and 2125…

Various traditional Mayan fire ceremonies will be held throughout Guatemala, but anywhere in the world you can connect by lighting yellow candles, meditating, entering a state of contemplation and visualizing the positive changes to bring to this new era and make us a part of them. Pray or express this connection in the manner directed by your tradition. It is important to achieve unity in most humans. This work is a return to consciousness.

According to the Maya tradition, we are facing a change in the coming cycle of AJAW JOB (FIFTH SUN), 13 BAKTUN on the Mayan calendar Long Count.

On 20 December this year, the fourth cycle of 5,200 years (Choltun) will close and the next day, the now famous Gregorian date of December 21, 2012, begins a long-awaited new cycle. In contrast to what many have sought to convey to the Mayan tradition this date IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. In contrast,  it is the beginning of a period where we have the opportunity to transform our destiny as humanity and reach a state of harmony and balance, merging the energy of Men and Women with  the Regency “Ether”,  the element that focuses on blending the others, Fire , Earth, Air and Water.

This new cycle brings a subtle energy, which will result in a new human being. We will return to a harmonious relationship with Mother Earth and she will rise in conjunction with our level of consciousness and spirituality. To achieve this we must seek to raise our level, this is an act that demands our attention. We have to stop and really think about how to take action. We all play an important role at this time and we must take care.                       

The spirituality of our times has a name and this name is action.”

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