As with all things in life, as one thing ends another begins. This year has come and is leaving, and with it is the birth of the new year begins.


As the new year roles in, hopes and dreams are created. Hopes that the challenging experiences of years past are concluded, and that the rewards gained from overcoming those shadows bear fruit in the year to come.

There are many ways to release old energies from past experiences. Some people like to write them down and burn them. Others simply like to communicate with the people they’ve had experiences with, and forge new better connections.


Whatever method you choose to let go of things from years gone past, I hope that you include with this, a spark of gratitude, for it is unfortunate but true that we tend to learn more from negative experiences than anything else.


When you release something, you create a void, where you must bring something in. Why not bring in something which you truly want? Here are ways, specific to your astrological element, that have proven to be highly successful.

For those of you that are very energetic, you can do all four. If you don’t know what your element is, the simple way to look at it is by your astrological sign.


The Elements

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.

Air: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra
Water: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio
Earth: Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo

The Rituals

candle magick


Candle magick is an age old tradition. A similar tradition, of course is the Yule log, for those that have attended Yule celebrations. Take a candle of the appropriate color. Red, for passion. Pink, romance. Green , money and healing. White, purification and starting anew. Blue, guidance and intelligence. Yellow for joy. There are many other colors; a little research online can afford you answers to specific arenas if you wish. If in doubt, use a white unscented candle, for white connects you to light.


Write your name and date of birth upon the candle, using a pen or a toothpick. Write what you desire to create. Place a hair around the candle, so that it will carry your specific vibration. Then, light the candle and let it burn to its natural conclusion. Do not blow it out. If it goes out, you may relight it. Once it is burned up, bury any unburned wax in the ground. Do not throw it away in the garbage, as this is throwing away your desire. The flame brings light to your desire. This light is seen by God and the Angels, and brings to you the resources and Guidance to light your way through the darkness.

If you are really bold, you may put a drop of blood into the wax instead of hair, as blood carries the fire of the body.  The candle color and hair (or drop of blood) is the key here.


Write in short, concise sentences or a descriptive paragraph what you want to bring in. Remember, less is more. Changing every possible thing in your life may bring in a slight benefit that you might not even notice, while changing one specific thing will bring miraculous results. So write on paper, what you want to change or bring into your life, what you are committed to do. Anoint the paper with oil (eucalyptus, rose or  lavender. A drop or oil is the key), add a piece of your hair or a drop of blood, then take the paper and light it afire, either from the candle on your altar (best), or outside, in a specially prepared place. And let the smoke carry your desires to God and into your future.




As a Pisces myself, my favorite form of magick is water magick. I love waterfalls. I love oceans and rivers. Hot springs are Gods gift of joy and relieving muscle aches. And of course, I will shower, at least once a year, or for special occasions 😉 But here is one of my favorite ways to bring in what I desire, to infuse my body with what I want in life.

Water is a universal solvent and conductor. And when properly charged, carries its energies into the physical dimensions.


Put a few flakes of sea salt in a glass of water, because sea salt, the key, is a natural, crystalline purifier, and grounder. It helps water to hold the energy.  Think of something you want to create in life, something that you would truly love to have, and create imagery of yourself having that experience with that thing in life. It can be health, it can be joy, activity, or a virtue you are trying to cultivate. And as you hold a glass of water between your hands, take slow, long deep breathes, sending the imagery into the water for your life and future. Filling the water with great joy and happiness for your life to come.


 And when the water will accept no more (a few minutes), drink the water. This water, flows into your body and into cells, and transmutes your body into a new form, giving birth to a new reality. If its something that you really want, do this every day, several times a day to accelerate the process. The reason I like this magick, is because even though it is essentially water magick, it incorporates all four elements and therefore has very strong effects in life. And this is something that can be done every day, with whatever you desire.




Earth element must use the fires of Earth. My recommendation is to bake something, be it bread or cookies.  Use your favorite recipe and the highest quality ingredients, since this is about your life. And focus on your desires and accomplishing your goal with great joy and ease as you mix the dough. Mix as much as you can with your hands! Then write what you will create or your affirmation into the dough (this is the key) as you complete mixing it, before you put it into the pan to bake.


Anyone that consumes of your baked goods, will also be infused with the light and power, but if it is just for you, remember to sign your name in the dough (no hair necessary ;))  Do not undercook or overcook, and burning will require you to start over. And while this may be the most labor intensive, it will have the greatest impact on the physical body. So eat, with great joy, as every bite drives the energy into your flesh and into your life and will be the building blocks of your tomorrow.


One last note wash your hands 3 times and be clear about what it is you want prior to starting any of these, this will help to remove unwanted energies.

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