Are auras for real? A lot of people don’t think so. Many don’t understand how it could be possible.


Before I go into this subject, I want to talk a little about my history.


My background is in the engineering field. Besides a background in electrical systems, I was also a nuclear test engineer. All this means, is that I have a little background in understanding electrical science.


Why is this important? Because electrical sciences explain electrical fields, which is how electricity is produced. Rather than get heavily into boring stuff, I’ll suffice to say, that anything that has an electrical current running through it produces a field around it. These are called EMFs, electromagnetic fields.


Electromagnet fields are subtle energy that radiates out in a spherical direction from its source. Meaning all electronics put out electric fields, your computer, tv, even your cell phone.


So what does this have to do with you and auras?


Your body generates electricity. An electrical current runs through your body in your nervous system. All of this combined creates an electrical field which flows in a spherical direction outward from your body. This is what the Indian mystics called an aura. Certain nerve centers and organs in your body are referred to as chakras.


This was before modern science existed, which means they were picking up on subtle fields before the technology to measure it existed.


This is a weak magnetic energy, but it is enough that it can actually be measured. In fact in the nuclear field, we know that sleeping next to someone damages the body with radiation to the degree of 5 mrem (millirem). It takes about a thousand rem to kill you, so sleeping near someone is an insignificant dose (you get about 50 mrem from an x ray).


Why do we care about this?


Since the aura radiates outward, the energy you put into your aura is extremely important. And since everyone’s aura radiates in every direction, when you are in a crowd, you tend to pick up on other people’s energy as well.


So aura maintenance is more important than most people realize.


Here are some things to consider, when you are sick or depressed, you tend to pull the energy of your aura inwards. Which is why you want to be alone. Because on a subconscious level, you don’t want to pick up anything negative from anybody else while you regenerate.


While you are around other people, its easy for your aura to pick up on other people’s thoughts and emotions. Have you ever had that feeling that someone was starting at your from behind, and they were? You felt it in your aura. This his how a crowd feeds on itself.


In a group of people that is very depressed, its easy to get sad, and in a group with happy people, it is easy to be happy. The strongest pool of energy, tends to pull you into that vibration. That said, you always have the ability to consciously hold onto your vibration and maintain your own center. This is why we tend to surround ourselves with like minded people. Its our comfort zone.


Here is the cool thing. How you are feeling and thinking is carried out into your aura. And other people subconsciously engage you based on what they are picking up on in your aura. Which is why a bad morning can lead to a bad day, and having a great morning often leads to a great day. Because energy tends to attract similar energy. So, maintaining a healthy aura can create space for having a great day!


Tips for Aura Maintenance


If you have had a bad experience, an easy way to clean off your aura is with sage, holy water spray, incense or even a shower. To increase the influence of your aura and to attract more positive people and opportunities to you, increase the amount of electricity flowing through your nervous system on a subtle level. This will produce greater light in your aura. Because electricity produces light.


This is done by increasing your overall health, and increasing your sense of joy and passion for whatever you are engaging in. Be passionate about your work, your recreation, your family, your life.

Repairing Your Aura


Things that damage your aura, include anything that throws your nervous system out of balance. An example of this, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but its alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and yes, even caffeine. Everything in moderation. But these substances in particular tend to blow a little hole in your aura, which makes it more difficult for you to attract what you want, and to feel good. Habitual use of these things tends to expand the size of the hole and weaken your energy, lending to addiction. Its imperative, if you are trying to kick substance abuse, to get your aura and chakras cleaned out, so you will have greater strength in overcoming addiction.


Other things that can damage the aura include anything that causes an extreme reaction. For example, a major argument, prolonged negative emotion, like depression, even getting overly excited or scared, or a traumatic experience. If you feel weak, low energy, easily agitated, or a little out of control, those are some good signs you need to repair your aura.


Self repair is done, first by cleansing it, as described above. Then by taking time to regenerate and recover from the experiences. That is a reason vacations are beneficial. If you quit taking a substance, the aura will tend to repair itself, though it can take even a few years depending on the size of the damage. An experienced healing practitioner can repair your aura, leaving you feeling whole, happier and more energetic. This procedure is so simple, it is often coupled with another healing modality to enhance the benefits.


It is recommended to have your aura repaired after any traumatic experience, or just once every six months to simply maintain good energetic health.


One More Tip


Here is something you can do to help restore. Take a spa day, to help relieve stress. And have a good play day. You can do this same thing at home as well. Marcy’s favorite method is a salt water bath. Salt water baths will cleanse the aura, and special salts and some essential oils can help repair it as well.


Remember to take some time and care for your aura. It is a greater friend to you than you know. It directly impacts all things that are drawn to you. So, if you want to change your life, or expand it, having a healthy aura can give you the edge you need for a quick, positive boost.


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