2013Welcome to the new year. Not that I got here before you; I think we all got here the same time (Unless you’re in Japan, which means you got there before everyone else).


All kidding aside, its a new year. And a new year brings in new goals and dreams. It is commonly understood now that everything is energy. A new year brings in new energy. This energy impacts everyone in subtle ways.


If you can recognize the energy and employ it, it benefits your life. If you resist the energy, it will expose the resistance.


What is the energy of the new year?

Its the energy of community and service. Its the energy of communication and creating balance, for not only your personal life, but those around you.


In a practical way, it is a year of strengthening your community through supportive actions from all members of the community. Its about creating a strong foundational network of people dedicated to the empowerment of everyone within that community. Essentially, a team mentality.


The key to this is that every member of the community recognizes their own personal strengths and talents and how those talents can best serve, not only their purposes and needs, but also for the needs of those around them.


I know this sounds very similar to everything we have ever talked about in spirituality and self improvement, about being a good person, but the push here, is to take all of the personal work you have done in your life over the past decade and start to share it with your community.


2013Its not to preach, but just to be a good friend. And if you can share in a way that people can receive, you move past enabling patterns and create a more authentic relationship.


 Don’t Be Meddlesome or Enable

On another note, building a strong community does not mean getting caught up in other people’s problems. Be supportive and positive, but stay focused on creating a better community and world. We humans have a lot of experience in trying to “help” and fix other people as a means of empowering them. This can become counter productive and even dis-empowering.


2013 is a year to share your positive message, because the year’s vibration will allow people to be more receptive. Its a good year to finally heal those old wounds of the past from old relationships. Its a good year for strong emotional growth, and a good year for creativity in the arts.


Expand Your Community

Additionally, this is a year to expand community, and also to expand into other communities. Not to form a strong “clique” but to discover how similar we all are and how unified we can all be.


 What big changes did you make in 2012? What are some things you learned and experienced that you may even want to share with others in the coming year? Leave a note in the comments below.

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