I want to share with you a concept, that is so powerful, every person who has understood its nature has had immediate and dramatic results.

Napolean Hill said, what you think is what you create. Jesus said, if you think of it, it’s as if you have already done it. Hermes said the same thing, using far more complicated and detailed explanations. Even quantum physicists talk about this, and I think this is a pretty well accepted concept; that what you think does impact your life.

Sooooo, to simplify the concept that your thoughts create your life, look at it this way. That which you are attached to, you are passionate about, and your thoughts are constantly flowing this energy, to the extent that they impact your actions and thus your life. But I’m sure you have already heard all of this.

What I would like to do is offer something more, which has it’s foundation in this concept and is something that will help you to take even greater control over your life and world.

Did you know that your WORDS create reality! This is a spiritual law, thus true for everyone: Creation is formed through RAYS. The first ray is Letters, in very simplistic terms these are shapes that are used to create forms. The second ray is Numbers, which define the frequency, or vibration of the forms. This defines the dimension, or density of creation. The third ray is Sound, which vibrates the letters and numbers into a cohesive structure. Look at it this way, every thought is defined in words, and these words create an image in your mind. This image is form and the basis for your actions.

The words spoken flow from you to the ears of those around and impact the thoughts of others, thus influencing their lives. And yes the words of others directly impact your thoughts as well. This is why the company you keep is so influential in your life. If you want to change your life, you must change the nature of the relationships and even eliminate the relationships that reinforce destructive patterns; at least until you have gained mastery over these patterns in your thoughts and deeds.

Secondly, the words you speak create forms which impact the energy surrounding your body, actually placing the images of your thoughts into your aura. This is how you create interactions with people in the world. This is how everyone knows if you are feeling bad or good, or how most psychics are able to read you and tell you what is happening in your life. They are able to sense your energy and thoughts picking up on the images you are sending out through your aura.

Thirdly, the words you speak actually vibrate your body. They shake the very muscle, flesh and bones of your physical body! In doing so, they transfer the vibration of the words you speak into your body. This changes the vibration of your form to match the frequency of the words you are using.The more you use words of a specific frequency, the more this impacts and changes your life.This is the foundation behind affirmations.

However, I would like to take this a step further and state that anything you say directly impacts you 10 times more than anyone else. So much so, that every criticism and judgment you express directly creates that energy in your life. Conversely every encouraging and empowering thing you express enhances your own ability to transform your life to something greater.

The vocalized word form itself is enough to impact the physical world. However, when it is compounded by the power of your emotions, which then greatly increase the density of the form, the impact on your actions become obvious. Emotions are the heaviest thing in the world; nothing is heavier. Nothing can stop you faster or more definitively than negative emotional desire or attachment. Nothing has greater influence in your life than your emotions, especially those of doubt, unworthiness, fear and rejection. Positive emotions, light and passion create strength, faith, love, joy and self-worth, and this directly fuels your thoughts and words in to actions. Therefore, positive emotions are the fire that fuels all creation. Combined with positive thoughts and words you will quickly open new doors for a better life.

It is because of this spiritual truth, that the ancients said “So it is said, so shall it be done!”

Speak only of things that are TRUE or that you want in your future. 

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