crystalsHave you ever noticed how many children collect rocks? When I was a boy, I actually found a meteor once. It was the size of a cantaloup, sitting in the grass, with the grass burnt around it. I put it in the front yard and I think my mom threw it away, not knowing what it was. I wish I still had it today.

It wasn’t just me, kids love the colors, shapes and styles of rocks. And actually, adults collect them in their jewelry.
Its not just their beauty we marvel, but also their frequencies.


How they help us

Did you know that gemstones not only have different colors but different frequencies and each frequency generates an emotional vibration?

Those emotional vibrations help to trigger or stablize emotional energy within you, when you come into contact with them. They are often used for healing, creating greater awareness, enhancing psychic abilities, or manifesting new things in your life.


crystalsA few of our favorites

The most standard crystals people use are amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz.
Rose quartz promotes healing and self love, this can help with romance as well. Amethyst brings in greater clarity and guidance for your life purpose, and aids the nervous system. Clear quarts helps to direct energy, for example to enhance the qualities of another crystal.

Less common but very cool crystals:

Orange calcite creates a sense of peace, comfort, and an overall sense of well being. Lepidolite makes it feel ok for you to let go of your worries and problems and to gently move forward. Rhodochrosite is excellent for absorbing and reducing stress in your body. These are probably the top three I use in healing sessions with others.

And as a fun bonus, prosperity crystals include:

Ruby kyanite brings in passion, success and focus. Raw emerald absorbs negative blocks and helps to bring in money. Moonstone helps to soften your vibration when working with others so they are naturally kinder to you. Its great for job interviews and negotiating contracts.
If you are a spacey person, who has trouble feeling present and clear, hematite is an excellent crystal for being grounded.


sageWhat they do for you

The best way to use crystals for healing is to make contact with your skin. However, just sitting in the presence of your body, crystals will have an effect over time.
Hold them in your hands while you are meditating is probably the strongest immediate use. You can just as easily put them in your pocket or purse, to carry around with you all day to attune your vibration to the qualities they bring.
I know this may sound a little funny, but crystals resonate a specific frequency, even within the same type of crystal. So when selecting a crystal, find one that feels good to you when you pick it up. Or it may just look really beautiful to you when you look at it. This can be a sign you need it. Don’t stress on this too much, its more important to get the crystal than to worry about the “correct” one. Trust.
A lot of crystals come in massage stone style. These tend to be the best size to hold in your hand. The smaller stones are easier to carry around in your pocket. The massage stones are also good for healing, because their large size enable them to shift a lot of negatie energy before they need to be cleaned.


Crystal TLC

Crystals work really hard for you. In most cases, they flow the energy you need to make the best changes inn your life. And as a result, they pick up a lot of your negative residue, as you release it. This results in them becoming energetically “slimy,” and their effects become reduced.
So, the best thing to do is clean them off in between uses. There are several methods for cleaning crystals. You can do anything from a light cleaning to a very, very deep cleaning.

Here are a few examples.

For a light cleaning: use sage or incense to purify the stone. Pass the crystal through the smoke a few times

For a heavier cleaning: bury the crystal in a bowl of sea salts for at least 24 hours.

There are many other methods, but these are two simple ones. And also the methods we personally use the most frequently.


Child hand holding colored stonesHow to know when to clean

Clean your crystals after every use. Or if you pick it up and it feels slimy or gooey in your hands, clean it. This will most likely happen after a few hours of holding it in your hand, or at most a day of use.

Crystals are your friend. In the beginning I had little faith in their impact other than cosmetic. Today, I have no doubts about their impact in healing and transformation.
Do you know why we use diamonds in wedding rings? Because diamonds carry the highest frequency of the light of God. The purest and cleanest, and these are qualities we want in marriage.

Want more? If you want to learn more about crystals and their use, as well as many other spiritual subjects, get our new Transformational Magic program.

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