Being Right v. Growing

With all that is going on in the world today, it is easy to get caught up. Be it politics, banking scandals, economy issues, or just dealing with day to day life. It is easy to get caught up, because at the core of your being you want the world to be a better place. Sometimes, its just about your life; other times, the concern is much larger…the community, nation, or world.


When caught up, perhaps it is your sense of fairness that has been offended. And maybe the act wasn’t fair. And while it may be necessary to correct abusers and offenders, that act is about justice and even karma. My concern is not about whether or not corrective action is necessary; my concern is with what you do to yourself. When you become so emotionally enmeshed and invested in an injustice, it compels you to take action. However, being caught up, it is easy for you to become short sighted, your vision narrows, and your judgment leads to inappropriate actions.



The Problem with Being Right

So, what it comes down to is this: You are here to grow, evolve and become a better, more competent, empowered and confident individual. When you become upset, because your actions are based on fear, you are more focused on the problem than what would make things better.


Let me explain this further.
Anytime you move into a place where you are right, then someone else is wrong. And the more you try to prove they are wrong, the more they try to prove they are right and believe they are right. Because this is the nature of duality, where the negative ego is ruling. So, in your own personal life, how have you been so focused on your position, that in your “rightness” you miss the opportunity of understanding another perspective? By understanding another perspective you create a bridge that allows for a greater creation that empowers everyone.


If it is true that God created everything, then God is in everything. Whatever we reject or make bad, weakens us. It is only by embracing the different facets of God, that we unify this power within us. So the question is…do you want to be right or do you want to grow?



Creating Growth

Please don’t misunderstand, being intelligent and aware of a better way to do something is good. But being “right” says this is the only way. The difference between awareness and being right is when it becomes just about you. As soon as you say  “I am right,” or “I know,” you set up a wall that stops you from expanding your consciousness. It is better to communicate and share your understanding with others involved, which also requires an open minded approach to receive their ideas as well. Then all are empowered. Where the agenda of others is hate or control, I say never support that agenda; seek out others whose agenda is about unification through light. Remembering those who work with hate are your brothers and sisters.


The enlightened, always focuses on love. To focus on “rightness” stops your growth. To focus always on love, common good, and a greater goal, creates growth for all.  In this way, you and others feel empowered and find the joy in working in cooperation.


What do you think? Have you seen this theme play out in your life or on a global scale? Share in the comments below.

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